Computer just wont turn on.

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May 29, 2007
  1. i am having problems with my computer... i went away for two days leaving my computer off... but turned on at the mains. when i came back this evening my computer just wouldnt turn on at all... there was a green LED on inside the computer however pressing the on button wouldnt do anything at all...

    im not sure what the problem is at all...

    my computer :
    DEll dimension 5100
    4GB RAM
    512 ATI RADEON Gfx Card
    250GB SATA HDD

    if anyone can help i would be very thankful

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    Unplug the system and wait 30 mins, that green light is normal on DELL. Let's hope you didn't have a power surge.
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    ok thisis really wierd!!!
    i had my computer working .... i had to turn it off for a min... wetn to turn it back on and DEAD! same problem again!!! it will just not respond to anything!

    anyone got any ideas?

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    PSD Powersupply could be faulty or try wiggle the power cord attached to the PSD and see if it comes on or not. Drive a different AC outlet and see if that works. If not PSD needs to be replace... If that doesn't do it then the MOBO has short, then you would either replace it with the same DELL board or just buy a new MOBO from another company.
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    My name is Todd and I'm a customer advocate at Dell's corporate headquarters. You may want to see if it's one of the cards inside the system that is causing the problem as well.

    First, unplug the system from the wall outlet and hold the power button on for a few seconds to remove any residual power. Then you can open the case and pull out the video card, memory chips, sound card, etc, one at a time, to see if the system will power up without one specific card installed.

    We had a lightning storm come through here a few weeks ago, and I did the same thing, shut my system down. It wouldn't power up afterwards. I ended up pulling the video card out and the system powered up fine after that.

    Here is a link to the user's guide for that model which will show you how to remove those components and test the system.

    Make sure you read the safety tips on how to work on your system before doing any work on it.

    Let me know if pulling any of those cards helps.


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    Dell, Inc.
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