Computer keeps crashing and now wont boot

By toonitewedance
Jan 15, 2008
  1. this all started when i unplugged my wireless adapter and plugged it into a usb extension and got the blue screen. i couldnt read error code it flashed to fast.
    it tried to restart itself but fails numerous times in a row.

    i get it running i install a few things and it all seems normal, even the wireless is working fine. get another blue flash and it repeats.

    i completely wipe my drive and reinstall xp its working for about 8 hours agian everything is working i played an MMO(lotro) for a while no problems. then im just chatting with somebody on aim and bam blue screen and it repeats.

    i tried using a different hdd samething. i switched out the ram and now it wont even turn on. no idea where to go from here
  2. toonitewedance

    toonitewedance TS Rookie Topic Starter

    also if i flip psu off and on itll light up and fans will spin for about a second and then nothing
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