Computer keeps rebooting.

By klneil
Jul 20, 2006
  1. Ok, so my PC has been rebooting quite regularly of late. I'll paste a minidump zip here. I cleared the case of dust, did the memtest86+ and everest thing and it's definitely not a heat issue. I'm at a complete loss now.It just spontaneously reboots. I get zero warning. Not even a BSOD.

    Any help or leads would be much appreciated! Thanks!


    Also, I had to only post the most recent ones because the forum won't take an attachment large enough to include a zip of all of them. If you need other dumps to help, let me know. I think they're all the same filesize though.


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  2. klneil

    klneil TS Rookie Topic Starter

    .... can anyone help? This has been happening pretty much non-stop now, every few hours on average.
  3. fastco

    fastco TS Booster Posts: 1,123

    Hi, all of your minidumps are showing hardware causing your crashes. As you know this can be very difficult to pinpoint. You'll have to remove everything not needed to boot the computer and see if you get a system crash. If not put one device back in at a time until you get the crash again. Then throw that device in the garbage. If you are getting the crash with just the power supply, CPU, one memory module and one hard drive then the culprit could be the CPU or memory. Faulty memory sometimes passes those memory tests.
  4. klneil

    klneil TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Alright, I'm going to give that a shot. Thanks. :)
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