Computer keeps shutting down

By rainbowuk
Jan 29, 2008
  1. Hi, hope someone can help.
    My friend is running windows XP and today she is having real problems with it.
    It boots up and you can use the mouse, but every time you hit a key on the keyboard the box comes up asking if you want to shutdown, restart or cancel...if you dont cancel it quick it shutsdown.

    Also it looks like some of her settings have been changed, eg background pic, icons on desktop etc.

    Her AVG was not working so I uninstalled it and reinstalled again, it worked fine and was scanning but computer shut down half way through the scan and when I restarted it, the AVG said one of its files was corrupt and to reinstall again.

    I hope someone may have an idea of what is wrong as I cant do anything with it constantly trying to shut down when I use the keyboard.

    To me it looks like someone/or something has reset her settings.

    Thanks in advance for anyhelp

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