Computer locks-up when playing games.

By .bUd.
Dec 29, 2005
  1. I remember having the same problem awhile back, but it cleared up somehow, don't know what triggered it.

    I recently brought my pc into the shop to get the video card replaced, because it was emitting a strong odour whenever I played a game ! anyhow, they replaced the card, but now whenever I play a game, eventually it'll lock up and the screen will go black, sometimes I get a VPU recover message ! other times, I hear a screeching sound that just keeps looping over and over and I have to manually reset my comp, because I can't alt-tab, or open task manager or anything ! It's becoming really frustrating, i'm sure manually resetting my comp like 10 times a day is not good for my pc ! If you guys could help, i'd really appreciate it ! A list of the games, i've played an had crashes are, Rome:Total War, BF2, America's Army(I get a general protection fault, or something, like every 5 min-to-ten mins into a game) RAinbow Six:Raven Shield and Bf1942.

    Here are my specs, not sure exactly what to list, if you ask i'll try and add whatever's missing

    Intel P4 3.0ghz - processor ?
    Intel 915G - motherboard ?
    1024mb system ram
    256 mb X600 Ati Radeon
    Soundblaster Audigy sound card

    I'm clueless guys, plz help.

  2. .bUd.

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    Bump. Sorry, I don't want to be forgotten !
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