Computer Masterminds Please Help with my video card problems!!!!

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Here's the deal, I purchased my brother World of WarCraft, an online adventure game. The game however will not run because a message popped up telling me i need a 3d accelerator card or upgrade with dual-TMU support.
What my question to you is, is this: where can i go to get this upgrade or will I need a totally different video card?

This is the information you may need to help me

Name: NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro
Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Chip Type RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro
Approx. Total Memory: 32.0 MB
Current Display Mode: 1024 x 768 (32 bit) (60Hz)
Monitor: Plug and Play Monitor

Main Driver: nv4_disp.dll
version: 6.14.0010.5673 (English)
Date 8/4/2004 00:56:46
WHQL Logo'd: Yes
Mini VDD: nv4_mini.sys
VDD: n/a
DDI Version: 7

I am certain I have probably given you an overwhelming and probably too much information. Any help you can provide me would be very much appreciated. Links to sites where I may download an upgrade that would enable me to launch the game would be awesome. If you can give me a step through step instruction that would also be exceptionally helpful. Thank you All and my gratitude goes out to you. ~(-!-)~


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umm. your going to need a new graphics card. the one you have now just isnt powerful enough to power that game. But we need to know if you have PCI, PCI-E, or AGP, so that we can recommend you a card that will hold up to WoW.


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"NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro"

I have that exact video card on my other computer (which is a bit old).

This video card is an AGP x4 card.

However, I currently have this card installed on an AGP x8 slot on my motherboard, which also supports x4.

This means that there's a possibility that your motherboard supports only AGP x4 rather than AGP x8 (or both), so we'll need to confirm which type of AGP slot you have on the mobo before we can recommend a graphics card.

Download and run CPU-Z here:

Look under the "Mainboard" tab and look at "Graphic Interface" for the speed of AGP slot you have. Then post it here.


My old (really old) computer had a Riva card and it was in an AGP slot as well. We can at least narrow down the card format. Now we need to know, along with other things, if your power supply is powerful enough. Upgrading a video card can become an annoying process because you are trying to add something that the computer wasn't built with and might not be able to handle.


lansing said:
your VGA is old, I think you could update VGA driver to try it.
advise driver version71.84

He needs a new video card in general.


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Exactly, the current RIVA TNT2 simply does not have the power to play WoW.
Even if the it will run the game, a hardware upgrade is definitely needed for acceptable performance, regardless of what "acceptable" is defined as.

What we need to know now are three things:

- The motherboard (namely the AGP interface speed)
- The Power Supply: wattage and amperage on the +12V rail(s)
- Your budget, so we can recommend the appropriate product
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