Computer newb here! building first computer T_T

By AntiHeadShot
Nov 9, 2007
  1. Hello, I recently got a new job that pays well so I decided to get a new computer since the one I have currently doesn't run the games I want to play very well. I want to buy all the parts and try to build the computer by myself. So I went on www . tigerdirect . com and put all these parts on my buy list and I want to know it they all will be compatible together?

    http : //img . photobucket . com/albums/v221/melm0132/computer . jpg

    I don't know much about computers and I want it to be very fast. If there is a better part that would work better than one I picked please tell me. Or a better site to buy the parts from or something. :S

    Sorry for the spaces in the links, I don't have enough posts to post links. T_T
  2. Cinders

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    The power supply is not a brand I would buy. I'd go for an Antec, PC Power & Cooling, Fortron Source, Corsair, Thermaltake etc etc, but I would not go with Rosewill or Apevia and others. When buying a PSU look for a good review and warranty.

    The LiteOn should be good.

    The Acer monitor should be good.

    The NZXT case should be good.

    The Seagate drive is average but has a five year warranty.

    The Radeon X1650Pro is a poor pick for a gaming computer. It has 128 bit memory bus and gaming video cards start at a 256 bit memory bus and go up from there. It also has 512MB of slower DDR2 memory and a good gaming card should have DDR3 or better. You will be purchasing an SLI motherboard. Why not at least purchase an SLI compatible video card like the 8800GT for future possible upgrades. It meets all the requirements for a good gaming video card but it does cost about twice the price of the X1650Pro.

    The OCZ memory should be good.

    The AMD processor is a good choice. But you might want to consider an Intel Core2Duo if you have any overclocking tendencies.

    The Abit motherboard should be good. Of course if you're thinking about the Core2Duo then you'll have to choose something different.
  3. AntiHeadShot

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    I changed the power suppy to a Thermaltake one with 3 year warranty. I don't know how many watts ill need so I picked 500 again, will this be fine? :S

    I also changed the graphics card, was this the one you were talking about?

    http : //img . photobucket . com/albums/v221/melm0132/computer2 . jpg

    For the hard drive can you help me find a better one? because they really confuse me. >_< Also can you explain to me what overclocking is?
  4. Cinders

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    Actually the 8800GTS is a more expensive card, but doesn't have the same gaming cajonies the GT does. The GTS is a gaming card for sure, but the GT is faster and cheaper than that card.


    Life Time Warranty

    Life Time Warranty

    Life Time Warranty

    One Year Warranty

    I'd buy the fastest card with a Life Time Warranty. The fastest card will have the fastest clocked GPU and Memory In this case I'd pick the EVGA model and bump up the memory with an overclocking utility.
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