Computer no longer turns on...

By Zaosyn
Nov 22, 2007
  1. Hi all, I have an Acer Aspire T180 I bought on 11/02/2007. Exactly 20 days ago, since then all I've done to it was install a video card (Nvidia 7600) and switch to Windows XP (came pre-loaded with Vista Home basic)

    - Last night I turned my computer off like I always do befor I sleep. I wake up this afternoon to find that it won't turn on. I've tried plugging the power cord into a different outlet, and it didn't work. I've also tried exchanging the power cord. Still no luck :[

    It's Thanksgiving and no computer shop is opened. The only thing I can think that might be wrong is that my Power Supply is dead, but it's only 20 days old & it's been working fine with my new video card in there for about 2 weeks. Also the power supply didn't die when I was running my PC, it died after I turned my PC off o.O

    any quick-fix solutions or things to try until tomorrow?
  2. bushwhacker

    bushwhacker TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 783

    Have you tried to swap out the PSU ( Power supply) ?
  3. Zaosyn

    Zaosyn TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Nah, I don't have any other power supplys and I've never done that befor.

    edit: Also, my Power supply doesn't have a switch on it
  4. i think bushwhacker is right. that is probably due to a power supply problem.

    typically, any power supply that comes with the case is a veritable piece of crap that will go up in flames quicker than you can say "fisherman fritz fishes for fresh fish".

    and given you just tried to install an additional piece of hardware, you no doubt haven't got enough power to run the computer, or you fried it inadvertantly. what's it all mean? you need a new power supply.

    lucky for you, it's as easy as disconnecting every wire attached to your motherboard and fans and what not, and unscrewing it from the case. and it pops right out. just be careful so it doesn't fall and hit the motherboard or your video card or something.

    from there, you need a new power supply. and if i'm right about the kind of tower you have, you have a mini tower, which should be ATX form factor if i'm not mistaken. therefore, i'd suggest this power supply. it's cheap, high quality, and will easily power your system. and if this doesn't fix the problem, we can safely assume you fried something else too.

    for now, buy it and install it and see what happens.
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