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Dec 19, 2007
  1. Well so I was messing around 1 day on my computer and it was running really slowly so I looked at the long list of processes and assumed that that must have been the problem. I ended up accidentally closing microsoft explorer and right after that the only thing left on my screen was my background. We've replaced the hardrive and reinstalled windows and yet it still makes this clicking noise that comes from the tower whenever you turn it on, and it will never even make it to the windows screen or anything, only to a blank black screen, but the computer is on. Any suggestions? I don't know all the specs, just know that it's a Hewlett Packard and it's 5 years old. It has 256 megs of RAM and the old hard drive was 40 gigs, and it had a Celeron processor.
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    It running slowly was probably a hardware issue to start with, closing explorer from task manager - you should have just been able to restart and it would have reloaded. Now it's ticking could be a number of things - harddrive or something else.

    One stupid little thing you can check is if a hanging wire got stuck in the cpu fan

    You could probably get a similar setup for less than $150
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    I thank you for the advice however I must refute a bit of it. I just looked at all of the wires and none of them look to have been caught in the fan at any point. Second of all we replaced the hard drive that should be working properly. Thirdly, When the system is idle it appears as if everything is running properly. Thank you though.
  4. Bombadil411

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    It has just come to my attention that we have not re-installed windows as we did not get a CD copy of it when we purchased the computer. It would seem now that the boot-up file for windows is corrupted and copying that over to the hard drive will not solve the problem. Does anyone know how to fix a corrupt start-up file?
  5. Blind Dragon

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    Not without a windows CD
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