computer not booting up

By skarmory2002
Jan 27, 2006
  1. OK um well my friends computer died a few weeks ago so i switched the power supply in it and got it back up and working. Then we couldn't get any video from it, and so we cought a new video card, as we tried several different monitors, and they all didnt work. Now withthe new video card it is still not working, so i tested it on my known to work monitor and nothing. I removed the cmos battery, and reseated the cards, and still nothing. Whats the problem, hand how do I fix it?
  2. iss

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    If the reason you put a new power supply in your friends computer is because his previous one died then it could have damaged other compnents on the mobo and the mobo itself. strip the computer down to just the cpu and then try booting it. if the cpu is working then you should get some beeps ( as loong as the the mobo is ok). if it beeps then add ram and see if it beeps when you try to boot. you can continue the process till you find the faulty parts. ( unless of course the faulty part is the mobo)

    is the LED power light lit on the mobo?
  3. skarmory2002

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    ok so i got it working turns out that when i reseated the card i didnt put it in all the way. How silly of me. But on to the next problem. Windows won;t boot up. I get to the part where it starts loading windows xp, and after it does this, I get a blue screen telling me the boot device is inaccessible. I get this with my win 2 k installation on another computer, yet they were both working fine before. Any suggestions?
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