Computer not starting up, Screen blank, Keyboard off

By Sorrow
Sep 3, 2007
  1. For the last week my computer hasn't been starting up correctly Most of the time not even starting up. I press the power button and all that starts up are the fans (or at least thats what i think). The keyboard doesn't power up, nor does the monitor. My Monitor is a VG920, Motherboard is a A8N32-SLI, Videocard is a Nvidia 7600 GS with 512 RAM. If you need any more infomation from me ask o.O;;
  2. mailpup

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    Power supply: Brand, model (if possible), wattage, amps on 12V rails (if you can see sticker - you need to open up PC)

    When it wasn't "starting up correctly," what do you mean? What was happening?
  3. Sorrow

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    Saids its a 450 watt Max Output, Echostar i think. Amps on 12v??? I'm not really smart on powersupply stuff =] I would just press the power button everything would turn on like...the fans. But the keyboard wouldn't power and the monitor just saids no signal or...analog. So the screen remains blank. No images at all except the screen saying the no signal thing

    Update: Ok amazingly the thing that was making the problem was my RAM stick =O I just switched around my RAM, and its working for now =] *yay*
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