Computer not starting up

By kesler
Sep 11, 2007
  1. I have my new business build. After a few trys I seem to have it running. During my set I did experience what I can only call no power. Sometimes when I would hit the power button I could see the fans starting and then everything just stopped .It happened a number of times. After I unplugged everything including the power pin on the mobo it would start again. It is now running overnight at work and I'll see what it looks like in the morning. I am worried there is a short or something and I don't want to put it in use until it is stable. All parts are new. xp pro os
    Foxconn mobo, lga774 3.0 cedar mill , 2gig memory, 2 hitachi hd sata, Antec 500 earth power 1 standard dvd rw. Fan in rear and front 120mm. What does it sound like to you?
    ps 1 hd has os the #2 just for backup The cosmos shows both as masters on different channels. Should 1 be a slave?
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    Similar Issue

    I have a Hewelett Packard Pavilion, it is about 3 years old. For some unknown reason, my power supply & mother board went bad.

    So I went & bought a new power supply & a Biostar Mobo with a AMD Athlon 64 processor. When I finished putting it together I tried to turn it on but with out messing with the power switch on the case, I turn the power supply switch on & the CPU fan instantly turns on but nothing else will happen.
  3. Jase123

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    i think this could be a motherboard problem... You sure your ram is all good id check it and make sure
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