Computer Not Starting Up.

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Well to begin, my computer is not working.

Symptoms : When I push the power button, the LED's come on, CPU fan comes on, And PSU fan comes on. But after this nothing works, no image on the monitor, and my HDD's do not start up.

Attempted Fixes : Replaced the MoBo, also replaced the PSU and still no luck.

Anything else that anyone needs to know, just ask and I will give you all the info I can find.

Please help.


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Ensure that the memory is seated well. Other than that, I would guess, check the monitor, check the cables that were reattached to the new MoBo, and check your HDD power cables, IDE/SATA cables, and jumper settings.


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It would also help to know your system specifications which can provide clues as to what might be wrong as well as possible solutions. Click here for more information regarding specifications.
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