Computer p4 with xp pro keeps hanging

By pkroks
Aug 24, 2005
  1. Here is my situation:
    - I run a P4 1.7Ghz, 512Mb Sdram, 3x40gb Hdds (120total), nVidia Geforce 2 Mx 400 64mb, Realtek network card, cd-rw, floppy, .....

    - I have a constant connection to the internet through my lan, through a router and then through radio link.

    - I am running Windows XP Professional Version 2002. (No service packs at present but even with packs 1 and 2 I still have the problem)

    - my pc keeps hanging, about every few hours or so. I don't understand why its doing this. I think that it may be linked to Azureus the bittorrent client as well as Java (2.0 platform standard edition v5.). Before i installed Java and Azureus there was no problem with freezing and hanging. I have uninstalled the programs and hopefully it will stop hanging, but if not, your help will probably help solve the problem.

    Here are some of my ideas.
    - I think that it could be linked to a bug in java and or azureus OR
    - There may be a persistant hacker trying to access my system (I have decided to download BlackIce Desktop Protection v3.6 in case this is the problem) OR
    - I am not sure but could it be spyware? I have downloaded Ad-Aware SE Personal in case its this and will install it shortly and scan the system.

    I may fix the problems with the above ideas but please post back in case i need extra help. It is really annoying having to restart every so often and start my work again. thanks in advance for the help
  2. pkroks

    pkroks TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 259

    heres where i am at.

    I have downloaded the AdAware Professional addition antispyware program and the updates for the definitions. I scanned the system and found about 20 spyware things. nothing major i don't think. there was a couple of instances of ciara and of some tracker miner items that collect info. as i don't have any important private info on this machine i not too worried.

    After uninstalling the Java Platform and Azureus I have found that the system has been very stable. until now.... and i hope that it stays that way.

    Can anyone give a possible reason as to why those programs may have caused a problem with my pc?

    I have also managed to get BlackIce v3.6 for PC Protection. Does anyone know if I have to set permissions for certain programs to use the internet/network or not?
  3. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    azerus says you? that app could easily cause a hang, what with the virtual drives and all. check your device manager for any reamining drives/devices, and remove them.
  4. chrissyb

    chrissyb TS Rookie

    I am having the same problem at the moment - I wanted to believe it was the display card - which is precisely the card your using! However my main boot drive will not defrag properly using system mechanic - which may indicate a disc error. I'm going to chkdsk /f to see if that resolves the problem. Also thought it may be a heat dissapation issue but M, CPU all running cool. It is hugely annoying as I've never had this happen before - I still think it is a display adaptor problem - I may swap it, but I'm not a gamer and not sure how much I'm going to benefit from the extra megs.

    Keep us posted, I want to rule out your display adapator - I'm SP2 and all my system checks seem okay spyware, mal etc.

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