Computer Probem Revisited

By manideep
Oct 3, 2005
  1. Hello All

    The actual problem is that the screen gets freezed i.e. the mouse pointer does not move, no response to the keyboard buttons and even the restart button does not work and because of this I need to switch off the power button. But the CD-rom does work, meaning, it opens and closes. And this problem of computer getting stuck does not happen always, it occurs randomly. Sometimes it works for hours together with no problems and other times it gets hung in the first few minutes of operation. Before telling the steps taken, I will give the computer specifications:
    1. Processor : Intel Pentium 4, 2800 MHz with HT technology.
    2. Mother Board : Intel Bay Field D865GBF
    3. Hard disk : Seagete 80GB {ST380011A (5JV8TWYC)}
    4. Ram : 512MB ram (hyundai) (DDR SDRAM)
    5. Graphics Card : Intel Extreme Graphics-2 (inbuilt)
    6. Lan Card : Realtek
    7. Operating Systems: Windows XP and Fedora Core 3

    Now, the problem started last February and the following steps were taken:
    1. It started off with there being no display on the screen. I took the computer to the vendor and he put the ram in a different slot (motherboard has 4 ram slots). The computer started to work, I was happy and I left.

    2. After sometime, the new problem of the computer i.e. getting freezed started to happen. I could not give my attention the problem initially as I left for another station (my college is in a different city). After coming back (appx. 3 months later) I took the computer to the vendor. He initially told me that it could be a virus and asked me to format. I formatted my entire hard disk, but the problem persisted.

    3. Unfortunately, the compute never got stuck near him. So he kept insisting that there was a problem of some fan, but the fans were right.

    4. Thinking it was a ram problem, I bought a new 512 MB ram and started using that (alone). Even then the problem persisted.

    5. The vendor said that it could be the problem of some loose connection, so he removed everything and placed them again. The computer worked well for some time (about a fortnight).

    6. I took the computer along with me to my college, and over here I got to change my hard disk and check. I put my hard disk in others computer and it worked fine. And I put others hard disk into my comp, and it got stuck a few times. And now, I returned back to my old hard disk

    7. I mailed the Intel people about this, and they asked me to specify which component is failing me (NOTE: The computer is still under warranty). And this is when I resorted to you people for help.

    These were the steps I took. Please guide me on what to do next.
    One more point: Last night I was checking system properties, and it showed me that the processor speed was 2.33 GHz instead of 2.8 GHz. The same thing was shown in bios as well as in LINUX system properties. I restarted the comp. n times and the processor speed was 2.33GHz. And today morning when I checked it out, it was showing 2.8GHz??? I am seriously bewildered on what is happening with the system. Please help me out.

    Thanking You
    Manideep Gande
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