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By mccuneba
Sep 20, 2004
  1. I am an inexperienced individual trying to find answers about how to clean up my computer. I read several of the questions posted by others before me and found some help. I downloaded a spyware program and keep finding the same things -- webrebates, moneytree and a couple others -- but each time I try to remove them they just keep coming back. What do I do?
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    Well there are a few thing you can try. First off if you have a problem, try using a more explicit title, like "How do I get rid of webrebates, moneytree, etc. spyware" This will ensure more people look at the question instead of passing it over because of the generic title.

    For removing those problems I would suggest booting into safe mode by restarting your computer, and after you hear it beep start tapping the F8 key and once a menu comes up just choose Safe Mode, and then run your spyware program again and it should get rid of it.
    If that doesn't work, try getting SpyBot search and Destroy, or AdAware. These 2 usually find things the other one doesn't and gets rid of it.

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    A few helpers for you... Using Spybot S&D, be sure to Immunize your system. Also, be sure to tell it to use its resident to protect you.

    In your Internet Explorer Properties (Internet Options in the control panel), set your privacy and security settings up to a higher level. This will prevent some things from loading- but that's what you want it to do, right??

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