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By Farese2
Mar 19, 2006
  1. Hi, I have a 3.2GHZ Intel p4, 80 gig hdd, 3 fans, antec trueblue 480 watt psu, evga 7800 gt, MSI 915p Express Motherboard... I try to play games like counter-strike source and i get really Low Fps... i was thinking maybe its my voltages... i used a program called speedfan and looking at my v12... it says its running at 3V... i dont know how to get it higher.. ive already went through 2 power supplies with dual v12 and i still get 3V... i have vsync and aa and af off... i have the newest drivers... please help..
  2. Tedster

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    what kind of graphics card are you using. Those types of games require beefy video. A huge power supply above 550W is helpful.
  3. coolguyuno1

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    He's using a 7800 Gt, which was the newest till 7900's, but it still beastly. The power supply doesn't seem like a problem. What ram do you have, and how much? Also, do you keep your computer virus, and spyware/adware free?
  4. Farese2

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    Yes.. no virus's i just reformatted.. i have all drivers and everything.. 7800 gt 1 gig corsair ram...
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