Build a PC Computer randomly freezes up.. Really need some help..

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I really dont know what is wrong with my computer.
Its been through some hell.
One hard drive was destroyed last year due to viruses but since then.
Been trying to keep it as clean as possible.

Well I really dont know how to explain this..
Its like it will randomly lock up when ever it wants to and I have to turn it off and then turn it back on.
And sometimes *Rarely* I will get an error saying "Disk boot failure. Insert system disk and press enter key."
But restarting it solves that problem.
Sometimes it will stay up for hours.
Othertimes I'll walk off for five minutes after having it on for like 10 minutes and it does this.

I just hope someone can help me because this is seriously driving me nuts.
I dont know if my hard drive is just close to dieing.
Like I said, I have no idea whats wrong.
*Have had to format a couple times trying to solve this*

Sorry if this is the wrong spot.
I wasnt sure where to post something like this.
Seeing as how I have no idea whats causing this and was hoping someone could help me figure that out.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help me.
And if you need my specs let me know.
I'll put 'em up.


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random failures for no indicative reason usually indicates hardware failures.

could be in memory (highly likely)
could be hard drive ( especially if it makes noises)

how old is the system?


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It is about four years old.
It's a HP Pavilion a420n.
In an Antec Sonata II case now since my old power supply got screwed up.

All that I can remember off the top of my head towards Specs is..
AMD Athlon 3000+ 2.147 GHz Motherboard.
1 GB Of Ram.
Nvidia GeForce 6800 128 MB video card.
My Harddrive is a 130 GB SATA drive I believe.

I was planning on saving up for a DVD Burner.
Altho I may just save up for a new Harddrive now if that is truely whats causing this.

Its hard for me to explain.
To me, It sounds like its still spinning even tho its locked up.
I have tried everything software wise to try and fix this.

Im not the smartest when it comes to hardware problems.
Reason I posted here. :p

Well yeah.
Thanks for any and all the help you guys can give me.


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:blackeye: yeah definately having a similar problem. Jw, is there anyway to do real thorough analysis of the memory? I really really don't want to learn to decode Minidump files. puke:


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To test Memory (ram) download Memtest (google for it)

To test the Hard drive, chkdsk /f is your first step, then download a Drive diagnostic utillity from the hdd manufacturer's website (which is free) or one from google.


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I ran Chkdsk and the boot disk that the Hitachi site had.
It froze up at 2:30 something last night after I had gone to bed.
So I guess today will be the day that I see if that helped any or not.
Altho Im just highly doubting it.

Doesnt seem that simple.
They have an OGT Diganostic tool..
But Im worried about using that.
Because I dont understand what it means by the types listed.
If anyone can make sense of it that'd be appreciated.
Link to that site:

Scroll down some to see what Im talking about..

Well yeah..
Hopefully one of you all could understand it better.
And hopefully help me get this beast under control.

Thanks everyone so far.


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circuits in ur room

ok dude, i found out there's problem with the power usage in my room. Apparently my AC is draining whatever it is needed to keep my PC running properly. It also explains my monitor physically shut itself off and i couldnt turn it on without physically unplugging it.

Try shutting off all other appliances in your room and then boot it up, and see if its stable. Its worth a shot.


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Well its been pretty stable so far.

It kinda screwed with my head twice.
I was trying to burn a CD and it seemed to lag heavily and then my music did what it usually does when it froze up.
*Like played a really screwed up distorted static thing, Ya know?*
But yeah.
It seems pretty okay so far.
But Im still going to hopefully get my parents to get me a new one.
So at least I wont have to worry about leaving it on and it freezing. :p

But yeah.
Thanks for the help guys.
Seems to be okay.
I'll be sure to keep you guys informed if ya want.

Im off to bed now..
Brains fried from these past few days.
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