Computer Randomly Restarts After Mod.

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Dec 8, 2007
  1. Hey guys, see if you can nail this one.

    I recently bought a new PC case, with a PSU. I took all the pieces out of my old computer and put them in the new case. (Admittidly this is the first time I tried this.)
    After hours of work and trial I managed to get it all to turn on, but I'm getting 'random' restarts, here are some observations about the restarts:

    - Happens usually after I enter my password to login
    - Sometimes logs in and will work for anywhere between 5mins and 3 hours
    - Won't restart until I login, can sit at login screen for hours.

    I have Windows XP, and nothing in the event log helps me. I have turned automatic restart to off. Also the PSU supplied is more powerful than my previous one I think. Overheating should not be an issue I am pretty sure and my RAM is being detected. I also did a disk check and it showed nothing. I'm out of ideas

    All help appreciated, cheers.

    P.S. Would the order of the Power SW, Reset SW and HDD LED wires cause this, I do not have the manual for my MOBO so cannot be certain if they're in the right places.
  2. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    I suggest you try your old psu even if just to eliminate the possibility of the new one being faulty.

    Let me know how you get on.
  3. Fragrant Coit

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    Doublecheck there's no Spacers under the Motherboard where they shouldn't be - ie, not under Screw Holes.
  4. dave2000

    dave2000 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks guys, I think it was the PSU :) I put the old one back in and its been going strong for a few hours now.
    Only problem now though, I wanted to upgrade my 7300GS graphics card to a 7950GT Extreme, which was one of the reasons I bought a new case with the PSU included. Do you think I'll have to buy a new PSU now? Or will the oold one still do you think? (Theyre both PCI-E)

    Thanks again
  5. Daveskater

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    Hello, dave2000, and welcome to Techspot :wave:

    Please take a moment to read the following threads to make your experience here as enjoyable as possible :)

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    If you could take a minute to fill in some of your profile information that would be helpful to all members of the forum :)
    Knowing someone's location in the world can be extremely helpful, even if you just put a country.

    Also remember to post any problems or questions that you have in the appropriate forums

    With regards to your problem, it depends on how powerful your old PSU is. You should be able to get a replacement on the PSU that came with the case, then you could use that one.
  6. i highly suggest a new psu. the old one may be better quality, but it certainly won't be able to power everything plus a power hungry graphics chip unless your old one is a 500watt from a top notch brand. in which case, your best bet i think is to simply upgrade to a top notch one that will effectively power your PC, and still leave some head room. a friend of mine posted an unofficial guide to power supplies. you may want to check it out for price range, performance, and quality.

    look for a tier 2 power supply. they are decently priced, offer LOTS of power and performance/quality, and will definitely power a system with your specifications.
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