Computer randomly restarts when gaming... a PSU problem?

By Shawn2k5 · 5 replies
Jun 16, 2006
  1. Hey guys I just recently got a new computer and it keeps restarting when I am gaming. At first I figured that it may be faulty ram or bad drivers so I updated all of my drivers, and my bios; then I ran memtest86+ (but only once because I didn’t have time - it passed). Then I began to wonder why it only did it when gaming and I went and looked up the power requirements for my video card, it says 350 Watt PSU and a 12V w/20 Amps. I checked the total draw for my system with the extreme PSU calculator and it drew below 300 watts. Then I checked the 12v rating and it listed it as...: +12(1) Max/Min (14/1), +12(2) Max/Min (15/1), and -12 Max/Min (0.3/0). So I'm guessing it’s my PSU, maybe not? Can someone give me their thoughts?

    If it is my PSU, would an Enermax EG651P-VE 650 Watt Peak be enough to power it? It has a 12V rating of 24 amps. However it was built before the
    PCI-E generation and it came out of my friends computer which burned out, He is unsure if it still works if I try it will there be any danger to my computer? Thanks for the help :)!

    7800 GT
    Antec 400 Watt PSU - (SP400)
    1 Gig (512x2) Consair (VS)
    AMD 64 3700 (San Diego)
    Gigabyte GA-K8N51GMF-9 (/w F7 Bios)
  2. kirock

    kirock TS Rookie Posts: 1,221

    Sometimes the dual rails are no good. As you post your PSU has a 14 and 15 amp rail on the 12V output. You definately need to sperate 1 for CPU and 1 for video card.

    Also read the BSOD links in my sig below.

  3. Shawn2k5

    Shawn2k5 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 41

    So would I need a new PSU or would the Enermax be enough if it was still functional? What is the difference between dual and single rail?

    Whats the worst that can happen if i put in a defective PSU? would it simply just not power on? Thanks.
  4. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    Simply not starting would be the BEST that could happen. the worst would be that it fries your mobo,CPU,RAM, and Videocard.
  5. Shawn2k5

    Shawn2k5 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 41

    Haha i suppose it isnt worth the risk then... well the computer seems to be stable now it turns out it was the sound driver that was buggy :(. Well at least i dont have to buy any new hardware :D. Thanks for the info guys.
  6. Shawn2k5

    Shawn2k5 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 41

    After playing Oblivion for a while the comp started to restart again - at the point where you go outside and it renders the scenery for a while, I am able to move around for around 5-10 seconds before it goes out.

    I checked for minidumps, there where none, so it made me suspect it was a hardware problem. When I took a closer look at my computer I noticed that it only has one 12v rail connected to the motherboard and the other is just dangling with my other cords... Does that mean that my system is really only getting 15 amps on the 12v rail and the other rail is just idle? My motherboard does NOT seem to have another place to connect another 12V rail. This may explain why the computer restarts when trying to power the system at full load... not enough power..., So with all that considered... could that be problem? or is it something else?

    With that said I think I'm in need of either... a motherboard that has support for dual rail PSUs (there are ones like that? I didn’t know...haven’t been doing my research...) or a stronger 20amp+ single rail PSU...

    Can someone confirm my diagnosis please? Does it make sense? I just want to make sure before I shell out cash for a new hardware...
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