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Aug 17, 2007
  1. Guys I have this problem for the past year.
    I have no idea what caused this to happen, but it is very annoying.

    My computer randomly restarts.
    Here are some of my dumps, if that is what can help.

    please anyone can help me?

    I also noticed that whenever I try to disable Local Area Connection, as soon as I click "disable" the same thing happens - my computer restarts.
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    in win XP, if a driver fails, the computer automatically restarts
    to prevent this:
    right-click on "my computer"
    select "properties"
    go to "advanced" tab
    under "Startup & Recovery
    click "settings"
    uncheck "automatically restart"
    now when a driver crashes, A BSOD will show the details of this pathetic driver before you restart the computer manually.
  4. sh3

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    First of all I did some research online and found that maybe the cause for it is famous Amd Athlon processor problem, so I went straight to modifying ini file (I modifyed /noexecute=always off) to disable. As I saw that this doesnt help, I changed it back to /NoExecute=OptIn.

    so I am going to try to disable Nvidia LAN in bios, and see if this helps since I noticed that clicking on 'disable' turns off the computer.

    in a meantime I had BSOD 4 times.

    these are the causes as it says:


    2. 0x00000000A

    3. 0x00000008E

    4. 0x000000024

    i read somewhere that maybe deleting and then creating pagefie might help.
    I will try that too, but for some reason this stinks to me on some bad driver or IRQ alfunction.

    The drivers should be ok, all of them are up to date.

    here is my hijackthis log, if this might help.

    I doubt though that the virus is the problem since i reinstalled windows at least 3,4 times and this keeps happening.

    I just ran the memory test... and guess what. there were a bunch of errors there.

    I will try to swithc the slots on the motherboard, but what can I do anything else than that? :(
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    You could also get those sprays for electronics to clean the dust out, I had alot of dust in mine then I cleaned it all and it made it alot better :D
  6. sh3

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    you are very helpful ;)
  7. howard_hopkinso

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    Hello and welcome to Techspot.

    2 minidumps crash at NVNRM.SYS. This is a known issue, see HERE.

    1 minidump crashes at avg7rsw.sys. This is your AVG antivirus programme. The above NVNRM.SYS may well be responsible.

    Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
  8. sh3

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    i tried to download that Nforce Unified Remix 11.10 that they reccomended, but every link i tried (i even searched online) is broken.

    i cannot find it anywhere.

    also, I didnt quite understand there if I am supposed to delete NVNRM.SYS and reinstall the nvidia drivers?
  9. globalmr

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    As TimeParadoX mentioned this is either virus related or hardware(your motherboard). I have run into this problem myself twice over many years on 2 separate computers and both times no virus, drivers or spyware problems. Both times I had to replace the motherboard. When I did, problem fixed.
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