Computer re-starts- bad AGP slot.

By vegasgmc
Jun 21, 2005
  1. Problem started today. After the computer is on for about 30 minutes it reboots. Then it reboots in 15 minutes and then will do it constantly untiL I shut it down. Ive swapped all parts except CPU. But when I put in a Radeon 8500 it wouldnt boot into Windows, just kept beeping and rebooting. When I put in a Radeon 9500 it booted into Windows but then the screen turned into a mess of lines and checkerboard patterns. All 3 cards check out in my second system. Ive had this current set up for about 18 months. Ive had similar problems on other boards where a cap. was bad and the computer would reboot as soon as it got warm but never had video issues like this. Thanks.
  2. vegasgmc

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    It looks like a short in the AGP slot. If I press down on the card the computer will reboot and sometimes the video clears up. I wonder if the extra weight from the VGA Silencer damaged the slot.
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