Computer rebooting of its own without reason

By Saurav
Nov 26, 2007
  1. I have been experiencing the most torrid computing problems for the past one month. My computer is roughly 4 years old, and it usually runs 24 hours a day. A month ago the SMPS /power went bust, and I got it replaced with a new device. For 10 days; everything went fine until the computer mysteriously started rebooting of its own, in the middle of work. I have dual boot windows XP SP1 and 98 and the rebooting happened with both the OS. The frequency was anything from 2 minutes to 2 hours. There was no blue screen, and no dumps, no errors since it wasn’t a crash; but it was like someone just hit the reset key. There were also couple of occasions when the computer didn’t start at all – The monitor instead of lighting up went into power saving mode and the HD light showed a hang [constant red LED indicator] state. I thought; perhaps it had got something to do with the new SMPS and I again got it replaced. Once again; I experienced no problems for 10 days; the computer was up and running 24 hours. And then, from the past 2 days I am plagued with the same problem. Computer restarts of its own without a damn explanation. The chances of any virus on my computer is very very remote; as I always use latest antivirus. Where could the problem lie………also I have noticed that the monitor power off and HD LED constant red situations have increased in frequency. I have to often switch on/off the computer multiple times to even get the computer to start.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. I hope it is not my MB because that would mean virtually replacing my entire system
  2. Cerberus

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    The fact that you dont receive any error messages from the OS makes me wonder if its an overheating problem as this would cause windows to restart without any errors. Check the Temperatures in your BIOS, also clear fans and outlets of dust and debris.
  3. jeff968

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    I've had this happen before due to a memory problem as well as a virus
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