Computer reboots when trying to copy with NERO

By American007
Jun 5, 2006
  1. Over the last few months I have been having a problem with my computer rebooting when I tried to copy with Nero Burning Rom. I even when as far as buying a new DVD/CD burner, because I thought I had a bad drive. I was using the opeating system Windows 2000 Professional. After buying the new drive, I had the same problem. I decided to buy a new computer, because I thought maybe I was having problem with the motherboard. Well I bought the new computer system and much to my surpirse the same problem!! Arrgh!! I have now discovered what the problem is.

    On both computers, a program called DVD43 (Version 3.6.2) was running and visible in the systray. After closing this program out, so that it was not loaded into memory, Nero Burning Rom would copy find on both machines without rebooting.

    Conclusion: The program DVD43 seem to cause a conflict in memory, which causes the computer to automatically reboot when you attempt to copy with Nero. If you are having this problem, shut down this program while attempting to copy with NERO and this should correct the problem.
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    better yet use AnyDVD. it does not cause problems.
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