computer restarting! Help?!

By jus2driveucrazy
Dec 13, 2006
  1. For the past few days my computer has been restarting on its on.
    I went and changed it so it doesnt automatically restart, and now i
    just get the blue screen. But each time it says something new.

    One time is fault_in_nonpage_area
    THen sometimes it says its something to do with a driver.
    When it starts back up it tells me my system has recovered from a serious error and it reports it to microsoft. then on their site it says its my video card driver. Ive updated my video driver, then rolled it back and updated it again.
    Im using a radeon 7000. Ive tried everything.

    It only seems to restart when im doing something.
    When i try to run my virus scanner it restarts.

    here is some of my past mini dumps included!! thanks
    Also i recently took my symnantec virus scanner off bc i have security software with my internet provider now and i was runnin an oldversion of the sym. But after i uninstalled it it still has certain things on my computer thats still running. Maybe this has something to do with it?? if so how can i get all of that software off? its not showing on my add/remove list..

    CAn anyone help me?!
    I have no clue how to check bios and all that stuff lol so any help would be appreciated!!

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