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Computer Restarts itself when loading Windows

By jasonw0w ยท 4 replies
Aug 20, 2005
  1. On my personally built desktop I recently encountered a problem where my computer restarts when loading windows. More specifically, when I power on my PC it first sends me to the screen where you see, "we apologize for the inconvenience...windows did not start sucessfully...recent hardware or software changes may have caused this." it then gives you the five options: Start windows normally, Start windows with last known good configuration, safe mode, safe mode with cmd prompt, and safe mode with networking.

    When I choose either of the first two it begins to start windows but then suddenly restarts and goes back to the previously mentioned screen. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. If I choose any of the three safe mode options I can watch as it loads the required system files for windows. They speed along for about three seconds and then stop on a file and then the computer restarts itself again. All three stop on the same file, "multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)/WINDOWS/system32/Drivers/agp440.sys" I am assuming when I choose the non-safe mode options it is restarting on the sae file even though I can't see it happen.

    Usually when a computer does something of this nature it can be because of a few things, power, cooling, or possibly a virus. I calculated for my sysrem how much power it needed and by my estimations it's ok. All my fans are spinning so I don't think it's cooling. I recently reformatted to RAID 0 but I install and update antivirus software before even connecting to the internet and I'm careful about the usual methods of getting a virus (e-mail attach. etc.)

    I am at a complete loss for what's wrong and any help would be great. My profile has all my computer specs if there are any questions about that.

    I just tried this solution to fix my computer but I was met with a, "can't find any hard disks error."
  2. rspar

    rspar TS Rookie

    I don't think this is of help but I'm having the exact same problem. I just got a new motherboard and p4 2.66 processor but it does this exact same thing. Although after the lines of partition stuff you mention I'll get a flash of a windows xp screen then a flash of a blue screen. F5 or F4 brought up a screen that gave me a choice of not restarting on errors. The screen says to check the disk, controller, or for viruses. Now I know there's nothing wrong with the hard drive cause I'm using it right now (reinstalled old motherboard etc). The only thing I can think of is the controller on the new mobo is bad. But I'm lurking to see if there's any bright ideas coming. It has occured to me that my power supply isn't up to the new mobo I'm only running a 300 watt ( have a 550w sitting here waiting to fix this problem first).
  3. jasonw0w

    jasonw0w TS Rookie Topic Starter

    When was it exactly...

    that you pressed F4 or F5? Was is before that screen with the five options or on it? You are probably right about the 300W Power Supply Unit not being enough. Judging from their sticky thread on PSU's it seems like they get a lot of questions about it. Which means it must happen a lot. Good luck with the bigger PSU. Let's hope that that's the problem and not your mobo's controller.
  4. rspar

    rspar TS Rookie

    I hit either f4/f5 after choosing safe or normal mode.

    Installed the new power supply haven't changed motherboards yet but I suspect I need to reinstall xp to get the right drivers for the mobo installed. You haven't changed any major hardware have you?
  5. jasonw0w

    jasonw0w TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Major hardware changes.

    No I haven't done any recent changes. I went to RAID 0 from having my HD's separate before but that has been running fine for a while. What I really wish I could do is see what the last things were that I did in windows.
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