Computer restarts when I load games

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Dec 1, 2007
  1. A few months ago I bought a new motherboard for my old computer because the previous one had died and my computer just wouldn't turn on. I installed the motherboard and reformatted the hard drive and it seemed to work fine but when I load up any game it restarts the whole system. I checked my temps but they were fine and then I left my computer on for 24+ hours to see if it would restart but it never did. So I have no idea what the problem is I never really looked into it because I dont use that computer much but now I would really like to solve this problem. So you if you have any ideas please share. Thanks in advance
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    doesn't anybody have any ideas
  3. Right click my computer, select properties, click advanced tab, find "Startup and recovery" section, click settings button, find "system failure" section, uncheck automatically restart option, click ok and ok again.

    Have a pen and paper handy. Run any game, wait for the crash and then write down all of the error info from the BSoD screen and post it up here.
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    I dont see an advance tab in my computer properties
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    nevermind I found it under performance and maintenance in control panel
  6. you use a 286

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    Spounds like either

    A: bad PSU (voltage)
    B: System Memory (weak stick)

    Been there, did this.
    memory was one problem (PC400 = bad)
    PSU's are cheap..... grab a 680 watt for $40 or less.
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    OK when I switched the automatically restart it nothing came up. I will have to check into this and make sure it is fixed I just don't have a whole lot of time. I will also switch a psu and then try each dimm of ram by itself and if those don't do anything I will take some more ram from another working computer I see if that fixes the problem. Hopefully I will have time to do all this tomorrow. I don't think it is a virus because it had just been reformatted and did this from the start.
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