Computer restarts when I try to load Windows XP installation disk

By NuK134R
Nov 5, 2007
  1. Okay guys, I have a very large series of events that led up to what I'm having now. Okay, so, on Friday, I went out to purchase a new mobo(Asus m32n2 sli deluxe wifi), cpu (AMD dual core 4800+), and Graphics card (evga 8500gt 512 mb). I'm currently running on a 420 w power supply.

    Okay, so I removed my old mobo and added the one plus the GFX card and CPU. The computer went out to boot normally, and then when it reached the windows loading screen, it crashed. I surfed the web and I found out that I should reformat.

    My HDD runs on IDE and this mobo has only one IDE port, so I needed another one for my CDroms. I went to FRY's and bought a IDE PCI card and installed it. I plugged my HDD into the card and CD into the MOBO.

    So I took out my Dban CD (I always use Dban when I reformat) and went about the instructions. When I came to the point where Dban was writing to the HDD, everything stalled, nothing moved. So probably to my poorer judgement, I turned off my computer.

    I turned it back on and it replied with the error "SYSTEM BOOT FAILURE, PLEASE INSERT DISK AND TRY AGAIN". I switched back to my old mobo and reformatted it with Dban successfully. When I place it back, I have a backlight screen with a flashing cursor.

    From surfing the web, I concluded it was a corrupt MDR. I popped in my Windows XP disk and, when it got to the place where the cd is loaded, my rig rebooted. Tommorow, I'm ganna place my old mobo back and see if I can fix the MDR. Will it be to my avail, or should I just save my energy?

    So, how am I going to fix this? Thanks in advance guys.

    This baby's (harddrive) been with me for years and I've spent a lot of money already on the other parts and the last thing I want to do is spend more money.
  2. tariq3877

    tariq3877 TS Rookie

    Yeah it happens often

    If you have more than ONE RAM installed. Try removing one if there are to than try.
  3. nickc

    nickc TechSpot Paladin Posts: 923   +11

    buy a new SATA hard drive, format and reinstall Windows with the os cd and u will be going.
    try this as it will be the quickest and easiest to get things going.
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