Computer running veryyyy slow....again :(

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Jan 19, 2006
  1. Hey guys,
    I just posted the other day about my computer running very very slow. Problem was due to my Norton AV. Howard suggested I remove it and intall AVG and Zonealarm, which I did and things were working great until yesterday when things got extremely slooooooooooowww. Navigating the internet is painful for me since it takes forever to download new pages. What in the world happened, what could possibly be going on now???? I have MS Windows XP. Any help would be extremely appreciated.....took me forever to even get onto this board......uuuuuggghhh!! :(

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    I don't know? Zonealarm's firewall maybe?
  3. Jesse_hz

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    1. <window button>+R
    2. cmd
    3. del /f /s /q %temp%
    4. chkdsk x: /f

    x = your hdd

    If your internet connection seems slow make sure that there are no other unknown applications using your connection. It's a long time since I've used ZA, but I think there is a metre showing you how much of your connection is currently being used, and when all your internet apps are closed it should be at or around 0, if it isn't at 0 it could be malicious apps, but could also just be windows automatic updates.
  4. galjm

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    Okay, I'm compur is hdd?

    Also here are the programs under zonealarm in case it helps....I don't even know what the Bonjour Services is :confused:

  5. Jesse_hz

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    hdd is an abreviation that stands for "Hard Disk Drive".

    The Bonjour service is usually installed with iTunes or QuickTime, and from what I've heard is used to share music with people on a network, but I've also heard of some people claiming it screwed their connections.

    If you have iTunes or any other crappy mac applications installed, uninstall them and reboot your computer to see if that was the problem.

    In my opinion the thing good about iTunes is the nice interface, everything else is crap.
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