Computer shuts off by itself

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Jan 30, 2004
  1. I am working on an HP Pavillion XT963, 1.2GHZ, 128 Ram and 30GB HD using XP Home. When I try to do the Windows updates the computer will start downloading (sometimes 2 seconds, sometimes 30 seconds) and then will shut off just like a power failure. This seems to happen if I select 1 file to download or a bunch. I can leave the computer on all night and it will not shut down. I haven't tried copying files from one place on the HD to another to see if I can duplicate the shut down but I thought I would try that next. Could this be a problem with heat?
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    Odd, but then again that is Windows for you. I would think the power supply would be the correct wattage for that PC since HP is supposed to know what they are doing unless it is beginning to die. Though that should not be the case since it only does it when you try to update.

    I can think of any obvious connection between doing updates and the computer shutting down completely. Possibly Windows has some problems that your just now finding out about?

    Try logging on under another Windows account and see if the same thing happens (create a new one under the administrator group).
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    Does this ALWAYS happen at the same time (or rather, the same point) during this download process? Or nearly the same? And it NEVER happens otherwise?

    If the answer is yes to all, then probably what would be better (in the long run) is format that machine and install XP again. Hell, install XP professional if you can get it instead.

    Your configuration has a bug. What I mean by configuration is the exact list of software packages you have installed, their versions, and in which specific order they were installed. You've wound up with a version of a .dll or something that's not compatible with the update, and so its crashing and will likely to keep on crashing forever and ever and ever.

    This will present a problem, since going to is what is going to stop you from getting all sorts of nasty bugs, trojans, security exploits, etc. So you need to take drastic action.

    Anyway, reinstalling your windowz machine is good for you. And good for your machine too. Don't reinstall anything you don't actually use this time.
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    one of the older sony vaios had a problem with its power supply and the computer had to be recalled. sometimes OEM do mess up.
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    Actually the computer seems to shut off whether I am downloading or just changing web sites. It is so inconsistent that I am having a hard time pin pointing. The computer does seem to only shut off when I am on the Internet.
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    AH. Are you connecting with a modem ??? You might have some sort of hidden, hard for the OS to work out IRQ conflict, believe it or not. Or crap drivers.

    How healthy is device manager when you go into it??

    If you go into phone and modems in your control panel, and go into modems and properties and do a query modem under diagnostics, do you get a punch of healthy AT codes back?

    If you use some sort of broadband, and it has the option of a network card or USB, and you are using USB, can you try switching to network ethernet? Or can you try updating the USB or network card drivers??

    Can you reinstall IE and any other bits and pieces associated, such as Macromedia Flash and so forth??? Uninstall them first and then try reinstalling them again... Try surfing the net without them installed, etc.
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    Might possibly be related:
    My post to news groups:

    More computers have been infected including Norton Antivirus 2004 which now
    appears to be that some bug is damaging Live update and causing Remote
    Procedure Call to reboot rendlessly.
    SVCHOST being affected appears to be a component of Norton Antivirus and it
    also can become damaged.
    The only Anti-virus I have found that resists this damage is NOD but
    Invircible may be a better choice.
    I found four exe`s in startup that were all reported as being virus but
    could not be touched.
    This suggests an active worm or Trojan that proceeds to download mor trojans
    or whatever.

    But this is all" Only a guess" as they say in Linux.

    Some work Idid way back:
    My original post and variables follows:

    Feedback on my original post confirms that Norton Antivirus 2003 Live Update
    has caused identical damage on a 2.3 GB laptop computer.
    Ensure you set Remote Procedure Call to "Take no action" otherwise;
    Entry into your PC can go into infinite reboot cycle.
    SVCHOST can also be damaged.
    This is not a fix but it gives you access to save your files.

    Saving Email Folders:
    Win 2003 was damaged by latest Live Update of:
    Norton Antivirus Client 8.1.

    As a precaution, go to services then to:
    "Remote procedure call". Then Recovery tab:
    Then change from "Restart Computer" TO:
    "Take No Action"

    Otherwise you go into reboot endless loop.

    Other symptons caused by NAV 8.1

    Low memory message.
    Cannot copy and paste.
    Cannot run Outlook Express.
    Cannot even get into safe mode.

    Alternative to endless loop.
    Boot up on Winternal`s Admin pack bootable CD.
    RunServices and disable the two remote procedure call items.
    This is not a fix but you get back into Windows.
    Save all data, format and clean install.

    My Alternative now is:
    Use XP Tools CD.
    Run FDISK and delete 2003 partition.
    Run Partition Magic from same CD.
    Create C: labelled "2003"
    Do complete installation then:
    Run XP Tools CD and run drive image.

    Back up 2003 as image on second hard drive.

    Restoring 2003.
    XP Tools CD:
    Delete 2003 with Fdisk.
    Run P Magic and re-create C: labelled 2003.

    XP Tools CD:
    Run drive image and restore 2003 from backup image.
    Total wipe and restore time was 25 minutes.


    Note: Access Services via Control Panel, Administrative tools then Computer

    Or run services.msc from the run box.
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