Computer Starts, Nothing Intializes

By gamerex
Jun 7, 2007
  1. I have recently made some upgrades to my hardware, and tested out a old processor. I added a PCI modem, a old disk drive, and an old hard drive for virtual memory. I have no Idea why that should conflict with anything, but maybe it's the processor.I had a Pentium III 1000/1005 processor. It's overclocked to 1200 mhz and it's at a 1.80 instead of 1.75 volts.I took that out(nothing in bios changed) and put ina celeron 1.1 Ghz.Tested out computer, didn't start. I put the P3 back in, still didn't start. Reversed all changes, still didn't start. When I turn it on, Everything fires up as it should. All the fans, whirrs, ticking from hard drive(yes that's the hard drive ticking, not the processor) but nothing intializes. Seems like the computer has no brain.

    Probaly isn't important. but those of you concerned about ticking goes like:DLOCK tictictictictictictictic then stops

    Read some more posts about computer not starting... Lesee big pile of unplugged pci cards on desk...Check
    Unplugged, Replugged Ram check...
    Same thing with processor check...
    Left power supply unpluged for hald an hour... gonna
    Post problem on check
  2. Ididmyc600

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    30 views and no replies....

    I'll hazard a guess,assuming that all the parts are OK then the Mobo is dead, or yo have electro zapped a component during the change over and killed it.

    Biggest cause of non starting PC's are either a dead CPU or a dead Memory stick, both crucial and no PC will start up without one or the other.

    Your gonna need to find some way to test the base components and then post back.

  3. Frank Smith

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    Try resetting the BIOS back to DEFAULT... You should always do this (before) when swapping CPU's...DOH
  4. gamerex

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    Okkaaay Turns Out my M-board got fried somehow. Oh and do you really need to reset MBto defualt when changing processors if it can go into safe-mode (sets processor speed to 500 mhz)id it doesn't start the first time?

    I have a nice Award BIOS :)
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