Computer suddenly (and strangely) rebooting...

By KristinaT ยท 4 replies
Nov 29, 2007
  1. ... my comp seems to be encountering one problem after another! Man, it's frustrating. Anyways,

    I recently completely reinstalled Windows XP, because my computer was corrupted. And I mean REALLY corrupted.
    Anyway, when I first logged in to the computer after the reinstall, I noticed all signs of the virus had gone away. In fact, everything seemed to be working normally.
    Then, I went to Properties to change my computer desktop and adjust everything (resolution, etc) to the way it was before.
    I was only on for a few minutes when suddenly, the computer rebooted. I didn't really worry about it, but I started to figure something was up because now, every time I log on, the computer is fine for about ten seconds, then the pointer mouse changes to the 'thinking' position, then suddenly by itself, the taskbar switches to Windows 2000 style... I don't know why. Then, the desktop changes to a plain blue background. A few seconds later, you hear the computer turning itself off, and then the computer reboots.
    This problem seems to happen at basically the same time every time I turn on the computer.

    I think it may have something to do with a failing RAM chip, or something to do with the power supply. Anyone got any good advice?
  2. Dankamal

    Dankamal TS Rookie

    Hello KristinaT, I have similar problem on pc, but what I did was that I changed my Memory and my Hard drive, and reinstall another OS on the system. try to use another hardrive on desktope.
  3. hardwire

    hardwire TS Rookie

    dude that sounds like a virus have you done really good virus sweeps on it
  4. Shadowhawk

    Shadowhawk TS Rookie

    Hello KristinaT... the "10-second re-boot" tells me your processor isn't dissipating heat properly, causing the system to shutdown... Check your processor "heat-sink/fan assembly" for built-up dust. When that heatsink get's clogged, all that heat the processor put's out "has no where to go" - therefore overheating it and eventually hurting it and the motherboard.
    Take a couple of cans of compressed air and blow out your heatsink/fan assembly first, then the power supply followed by the rest of the tower... I'll be watching this thread for your response :).
  5. Shadowhawk

    Shadowhawk TS Rookie

    KristinaT, if you have critical info on the hard drive in this system, you can still "RECOVER it BEFORE you would have to format the drive" (this is in case the boot-sector is corrupted). TOTAL COMMANDER is an app that will let you move files from one drive to another... but "that" bridge can be crossed later, if necessary :).

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