Computer time/clock too fast Dell laptop and battery maintenance issues

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Hallo!I purchased a Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop 3 months ago.Approximately one month ago , the laptop clock started malfunctioning.Whenever I switch off the machine for a few hours e.g. during nighttime when I sleep,the timer shown is way ahead when I switch it on.For instance,if I switch my machine at 11 pm when I set computer clock to 11pm,when I wake up in the morning at 9 am,the computer clock shows 12.30 pm on the same day.The timer moves more ahead whenever I switch it off.Even after I re-set the clock,the same problem will manifest itself when I switch it off.Is this a software or hardware problem and how can I fix this?

Also I am curious concerning the best way to enable laptop battery have a longer life.Should one (option 1)always connect the laptop to the main power whenever one has access to the mains power even if the battery is full or should one (option2)fully charge the battery,disconnect the laptop from main power and use the battery charge and then wait for battery power to get finished so that one can then re-charge battey using main power?Which is the better option?

Please respond to my queries as soon as possible and I shall be infinitely grateful.Thanks in advance.


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Paragraph 1. I'd say HardWare and therefore warranty !

Paragraph 2. Leave the power in with the battery in


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Some of the Dells have a failure of the CMOS battery which is soldered in on a cable under the keyboard. It could also be a motherboard issue. Let Dell deal with it while it is still under warranty. Do not mess with it yourself and void the warranty. Call those friendly people in India. You will be on the phone for hours, but then they will give you a place to ship it, or have a tech come buy to replace its innards.
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