Computer time/date changes on its own

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Jun 22, 2006
  1. i'm trying to help my wife's friend with her laptop (windows xp) problem.

    she can't install any software because her time/date keeps changing to random dates and times...any suggestions

    she has norton anti-virus software and hardware firewalls, antivirus comes up clean.
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    once booted this should not happen the bios takes power from main PSU
    if this is happening while running you may have other issus
    check times in bios if not set rest
    the boot check your time in OS reset
    most systems when the cmos batterys dies wil not hold the bios configuration
    and you have to constantly reset the bios to your machine setting
    on laptops you will get a boot prompt to hit F1 and or F2 key to enter bios or leave setup alone
    check for a bios update the bios may be corrupt
  4. Lazareth

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    it happens randomly while the computer is on
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    check battery connections make sure clean and tight
    update your bios
    I have heard of virus's corrupting bios have seen one case long time ago that may have been from same
    could be the bios chip going bad
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