Computer turning off seconds after powering on

  1. Hey guys,

    Recently I, for some reason, chose to reseat my CPU fan - completely removing it from the CPU and just installing it back on. The fan was one of those ones with fidgety plastic pins and I'm not sure I completely reseated it on the CPU as well as not changing the thermal compound (the thermal compound must of been at least 6 years old).

    Upon restarting the computer, it worked for all of about 5 minutes where I just so happened to download and run 'SpeedFan' which reported temperatures in the CPU of 90 degrees Celsius, no more than a few seconds after seeing these temperature values my whole computer shut down and will power up for about a couple of seconds and then shutdown.

    I have tried replacing the PSU as well as buying a new CPU (I assumed I had burnt out the other one) as well as a new CPU heatsink/fan and it is still doing the same thing. I have tried a different power plug but have no idea what I have done to the computer!

    I'm guessing I've blown something on the motherboard but my diagnosis is likely to be ill-informed...

    Anyway thanks for any help guys!
  2. bazz2004

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    Thermal compound is necessary to keep the cpu cool. Running the computer without cleaning off the old compound and replacing it with new isn't going to work. The computer will overheat and shut down. There are simple guides on the net explaining how to do the job properly. Why you assumed that the cpu was burnt out or that you needed a new power supply I can't imagine. This is working out expensive considering that the computer was working OK before you started. Pause for reflexion before you buy a replacement motherboard too.

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