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Computer turns itself on - multiple fixes unsuccessful - any advice appreciated

By Josh Martin · 29 replies
Jan 13, 2005
  1. I have built a new computer and am having the following problem:

    One certain occasions, the computer will power on shortly after being turned off. This will usually happen within 1 to 3 minutes after being turned off. If it doesn't happen within 5 minutes, it will stay off.

    My system specs are:

    ASUS p5ad2-p mobo
    p4 550
    1 gig Corsair XMS ddr2-5400
    2 Maxtor HDs (non-raid)
    SB Audigy 2 ZS
    Enermax 550w 24-pin PSU
    Radeon x800 pro

    Everything in the system is less than a month old.

    Here is what I have done to try and solve the problem (based on advice from this and other forums):

    1. replaced the PSU (original was an Ultra-X 500w)
    2. reformatted and reinstalled Windows
    3. disabled all hibernation options in Windows
    4. disabled all wake-on options in the bios
    5. flashed bios to most current version
    6. inspected the mobo (to the best of my relatively limited abilities) for bulging or leaking capacitors (there may be other evidence of a short in the mobo that I wouldn't recognize)

    I am truly stumped as to what could be causing the problem. Is it possible that line-noise is the culprit? I have plugged the surge protector into different outlets on the same circuit, and have the same result. Haven't tried plugging it into a different circuit.

    Before I RMA the mobo, I want to make sure there's not some other possible cause that I am overlooking.

    Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.


    PS - I should add that I've had another computer plugged into the same outlet for two years and never had any problems.
  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,452   +6

    Try unplugging the power button wire from the motherboard to eliminate that. (You can still "switch" by shorting the pins for a moment).
  3. Josh Martin

    Josh Martin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks. What do I use to short the pins? A screwdriver tip, perhaps?
  4. flashking

    flashking TS Rookie

    Mobo reboot issue.

    Josh. I had the same issue with an ASUS board. It turned out that I had to install the system drivers in a certain order. I think the first I had to install were the chipset drivers. If you did not do this try it. ALso, do not install any pci cards. I had a similar problem with my pc rebooting because my modem was installed in a certain pci slot. go figure.
  5. Josh Martin

    Josh Martin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I did install the chipset drivers first, so I don't think that's it. My SB card is a PCI card - I'll add pulling it to the list of things to try. Thanks for the advice.
  6. ManyVoicesOfMe

    ManyVoicesOfMe TS Rookie Posts: 29

    drivers have nothing to do with it. if the computer is powered off and it's doing this, then it's a hardware issue. try inspecing the power button thuroughly, like take the case faceplate off and look at the back of the button. If you don't find anything wrong then let me know.
  7. Josh Martin

    Josh Martin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I plan on doing that this weekend - I'll post and let you know how it turns out.
  8. Josh Martin

    Josh Martin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for all the tips. Here's what I tried this weekend:

    plugged it into a different outlet on the same circuit, and then a different circuit - no change.

    plugged computer directly into the wall (not thru surge protector) - no change

    reinstalled XP a 2nd time (for the hell of it) - no change

    cleared the CMOS settings - no change

    disconnected a case light whose wires were very close/sometimes touching the power switch wires - no change

    disconnected the power switch from the mobo, shorted with a screwdriver - no change. What I did not try was using the restart lead to start the computer. Any chance that a bad restart switch could cause the problem?

    Other than using the restart switch to power up, I am not sure what else to do.

    Here's what's weird - the power-on does not occur regularly. Any time I de-power the mainboard (e.g., by unplugging the power cord to the CPU, or switching outlets), it won't happen for about the first three or four times. After that, it will happen approximately 50 percent of the time. Also, if it doesn't happen within a minute or two of powering off, it won't happen (that is, it won't turn on, say, in the middle of the night).

    At this point, I am thinking RMA'ing the mobo is the best bet, iunless anyone has any other suggestions. But I waited a long time to build this thing, and I am going to finish HL2 before I send the damn thing back.
  9. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,554

    seems asus has yet again delivered a bad product. here in the 'states they got into a tangle with the federal trade commission awhile back. yes, an rma would be wise.
  10. Triton

    Triton TS Enthusiast Posts: 82

    Disable PME

    Try disabling PME (Power Management Event) in the BIOS

    Check the Windows XP Event Log for information relating to "the computer will power on shortly after being turned off."
  11. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,452   +6

    Try reading the thread before answering it..

  12. Triton

    Triton TS Enthusiast Posts: 82

    You assume to much Nodsu.

    """"Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.""""
    I guess I took this literally. but the advice was not directed at you Nodsu.

    Josh Martin
    PME is far more than a "wake up option" and you may have overlooked it as a troubleshooting option.

    Assume (ing) things is a bad habit to get into when troubleshooting computers.

    I hope this is not one of those Forums full of know-it-alls RAGING on others posts just to feed their egos.
  13. Ben_tomlinson88

    Ben_tomlinson88 TS Rookie Posts: 21

    My PC used to Turn itself on randomly....it might not be very helpful but it turned out to be the modem being faulty.

    and something to do with the way the houses telephone wires (although i was on 56k at the time) was making it turn back on through the modem.

    This probably wont help. But its worth a shot
  14. bantherfodder

    bantherfodder TS Rookie



    Here is one possibility because I have been experiencing this problem for some time now. First, A Brief History.

    I had a P5AD2 Premium and 1Gig of your memory, 2 Maxtor Drives, Leadtech 6600 GT, Antec NeoPower 480 and LGA775 3.2 Processor.

    I also built a system with the exact same hardware used in the above system but with a P5AD2-E Motherboard/

    I also changed every part of the above MB's with deffent video cards, power supplies, processors, sound (and no sound), Hard Drives (Seagate&Maxtor) and I experienced the exact same problems with both boards.

    I even tried fresh installs of Win XP Pro with SP1 only and with SP2 only.

    I got the same problems you are having except the system would usually only take a few seconds to power up (3-8 seconds).

    While to system was running I never had even one problem.

    I took the first system listed above to my office so I could just get it out of the house (to make sure it wasn't my power in any way :) ) and guess what!!!! ...... I have never had a problem with it starting up by itself.

    Now the new P5AD2-E is having this problem but ever time I power down. I think I found the root of the problem but not the solution.

    I am using a router from linksys plugged into the back panel Yukon Gigabit PCI-E ethernet card (the one with all the other ports and not the one from the MB internal connector). When I unplug the cable to the router the system stays off but when it is plugged into the system it powers up every time after a normal shut down.

    I suspect that it might be some kind of bad BIOS problem that is letting the ethernet card wake up the system based on activity from the LAN.

    I have disabled all the options that might let the system wake up by itself from some event.

    I havent contacted ASUS about it yet because I am still working to make sure this is the problem. However, if you find that this is the same problem for you then we have support in numbers. Let me know.

    Good Luck.
    P.S. Sorry this is such a long explaination - I like detail.
  15. Triton

    Triton TS Enthusiast Posts: 82

    """Hidden “wake on” power settings If you have an Ethernet card integrated into your motherboard, you may have hidden “wake on” settings that are harder to find. Site visitor Jim Porter found that his Asus P5GDC-V Deluxe motherboard had a “wake on” setting in Device Manager | Properties | Advanced rather than in the BIOS or Power Management settings. (The Asus P5AD2 and P5GD2 boards have this also.)"""
  16. zekes

    zekes TS Rookie

    I have the same problem- same motherboard

    I guess at this point we can point to the ASUS P5AD2-E motherboard being the issue. It is driving me crazy. Anyone solve it yet?
  17. andygibbs

    andygibbs TS Enthusiast Posts: 58

    same problem different motherboard

    I'm having the same problem, every time I shut down my computer, it restarts within a few seconds. Only i don't have an asus motherboard, I have a Gigabyte GA7VKMLS. The problem started when i installed a new pci graphics card, but i think it's more to do with my network, as my network (i connect through a belkin wireless card in another PCI slot) stopped working when I installed the graphics card.
  18. ForbiddenPlaneT

    ForbiddenPlaneT TS Rookie

    solved my problem

    I have an asus p5gdc that has exhibited this turning itself on behavior for the past few days ever since I hooked up to DSL! I tried everything to fix it but the only thing that worked was tritons advice, There was infact a hidden wake setting I went to DEVICEMANAGER/NETWORKADAPTERS/PCIE GIGABIT/PROPERTIES/ADVANCED/WAKEUPCAPABILITIES. What I found was it was set to MAGICPACKET & PATTERNMATCH as soon as I turned it off my problem was solved. I noticed the ethernet led on my router turned off now when my pc is off as it used to stay on indicating some kind of ethernet activity! Anyways thanks maybe this advice is usefull someone else who knows!
  19. Josh Martin

    Josh Martin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    my problem was a bad transistor on the mobo. After an ASUS repair job, she's running fine.
  20. Secondgunman

    Secondgunman TS Rookie Posts: 90

    One word...

    One word, CUPS buy a CUPS if you don't have one then get one and use it get one you can run your phone line through and then to your modem. even if this doesnot fix it it will stop other problems that may strike. A power bar just won't cut it with new computers. A CUPS will give you even and proper power all the time just remember they are like power supplies go be cheap when you get one, get something that gives you 2-4 extra outlets then what you will need and plug anything that is conected to your system to the cups if you have alot of things eg; modem, router, scanner, printer, monitor, tower, powered speekers, external harddrive(s) I would think about splitting this between two CUPS even though there are some very good ones with 8 - 10 outlets. Allso make sure you donot had things like stoves, fridges, freezers, washers, dryers, arc welders... you get the point on the same braker.

    I used to have the Same problem with my brother's old HP in our last home and it stoped when I gave him my old CUPS.
  21. Xenosaga4040

    Xenosaga4040 TS Rookie

    My experiance 0_-

    0_0 well ahum lets start with my pc specs
    asus p5ad2 premium wireless edition
    asus eax800 xt 256 pcie
    1 gb ddr 2 kingston ram
    p4 3.4 800 fsb
    bla bla bla
    Recently i noticed my computer turning on all by itself ... after like 1 month of testing i found that it the problem was caused by not 1 thing but 2 or more....
    first off if u have an asus card it requires "enhanced drivers"....if these drivers arent installed in proper order .. it causes problem the video card doesnt turn off with the rest of the system causing me to belive it retains volatage wich causes a feedback making the computer start up again,,, second i have a logitech mouse which had been reported to cause problems when u use there software just plud the mouse in and let windows xp drivers do work..another problem maybe a hiden wake on lan setting in my computer ->properties ->device manager -> click on properties of ur lan device -> advance - wake on settering change to none and walla 90% of the time its that if u still have a problem i suggest checking ur moterboard for leaking capacitors which would look like stuff oozing out of ur mobo and it should stink like electrolyte /and or burning smell of pcb..as for me the restarting has stoped after i reinstalled drivers for video card in order restarting for each and removing logitech mouseware...good luck with your problems :grinthumb
  22. Secondgunman

    Secondgunman TS Rookie Posts: 90


    Ok yah some drivers maybe the problem aswell DAH... I was on a CUPS fix that day as three computers came into me DOAs because the people that had them did not buy a CUPS when we sugested to them for the homes they live in to get them... all three own CUPS now, yah drivers can do that and I have had problems like that with the mouse brand you use come to think of it. :giddy: another thing I have encountered is with smokers the build-up of tar on the Mobo can be conductive and will sometimes go that or other wonkee things... cat and some dog hair will do the same and some cats and dogs cannot remove iron from their system anyother way other them through the hair, look at that if you have a cat or dog... I have come across a few other cases that have things like that happen but thar are long shots and it is not probable thet that would be your problem.
  23. Neal S

    Neal S TS Rookie

    I also got a new P5AD2-E Premium and have been experiencing the same problem (after shut down, it boots itself back up after a few minutes).

    ASUS says: ."Please strip system to 1 stick of ram, video card, cpu, hdd and reset the bios listed in your manual as CLRTC on page 2-20. Test for grounding by running board outside the case. If still has issue test the case switch by unplugging it from the 2 pins on the board and short the two pins out with a paper clip. last have power supply tested. If all fails you have bad board .......

    I put in another P5AD2-E, and having the same problem. I've found that disconnecting anything (LAN cable, power off DSL Modem, even just disconnecting phone line) in my ADSL circuit solves the problem. It's acting like Wake on LAN, but BIOS wake settings all disabled. ASUS says weak or degrading 3.3 volt from power supply can cause this (I'm using 20 pin PS now). Will put in 24 pin PS on Tuesday, and advise.
  24. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,512   +65

    I suspect this is a board issue, new or not. I might also suspect this is a wake-on-lan problem from your description.

    I read you flashed the BIOS to the latest version and unfortunately, a lot of "latest release" BIOSes don't address major issues from previous releases. It may take many months of people complaining for a fix. If this problem already exists with the WoL feature, then there's no reason to believe that the toggle to turn it on/off is even working either! ;)

    Personally, I would return the board and get another model or even brand. Problem solved (hopefully).
  25. Neal S

    Neal S TS Rookie

    See Previous Post - I got a new 24pin PS, and that with the new P5AD2-E Premium MB still did not resolve the problem. So I re-read the thread. Thank you ""ForbiddenPlaneT"" I found that hidden switch as you described, DEVICEMANAGER/NETWORKADAPTERS/ (your specific adapter) /PROPERTIES/ADVANCED/WAKEUPCAPABILITIES. It was set to "Magic Packet and Pattern". I reset it to "None" and now my system shuts down and stays down. I alse see that the Link Light on the ADSL Modem goes off when the computer shuts down. When all else fails, just re-read and follow the instructions. Tnks again.....
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