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Computer turns on by itself

By canadiandude ยท 4 replies
Dec 15, 2006
  1. so in the last week, twice my computer has turned on when it was off.

    I read some comments on this site and went into my Bios, i made sure that wake up on lan ws disabled. i then went into boot section and saw:

    boot form hard drive, cd-rom, nothing, inte (network), as the boot sequence. so i took off the last entry which i guess is my network card, will that help my problem?

    the other weird thing is that i set a password in my bios, so that everytime i turn the pc on and befor windows boots i am prompted for a password. What i dont get is how is the pc able to open on its own , bypass the password prompt, and load windows. Is this a hacker problem? can a hacker open a computer that is shut down?

    Let me know what u guys think
  2. kitty500cat

    kitty500cat TS Evangelist Posts: 1,391   +6

    I'd check your power supply. What motherboard, processor, and power supply (brand and wattage) and video card do you have? It seems like a fault there, like the power button or something.

  3. Jimbeau

    Jimbeau TS Rookie

    If a hacker is powering it up, I think he would have to do it through your internet conection. For the time being, if I were you I would disconnect physically from the net while your computer is off.

    RUDEBWOY TS Rookie Posts: 157

    lol maybe a ghost =x.

    seriously i never heard of that problem thats really weird.and i doubt a hacker can power on a system cause once the pc system is off his server thats in his pc is disabled i would know...only time he would be able to do anything is when the pc is physically turned on while the net is running so it has to be some kind of hardware problem.
  5. BigTim

    BigTim TS Rookie

    A long time ago I had that problem with an E-Machine computer. Someone bought it to me for fixing and said that the computer was possessed. Ok, sure. The complaint was that it would turn on whenever it felt like it and sometimes, shut down while it was just idling or even when playing on it. Ok so give me the answer.....
    It was a bad pushbutton (the power on) on the front of the computer. It was intermittent and the slightest vibration would make and break the contacts, telling the power supply to turn off or on.
    Hope this helps.
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