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By Yoxy99 · 15 replies
Mar 1, 2005
  1. My computer is an HP pavilion 511 n which has Microsoft XP professional and has an Intel Celeron (TM) CPU 1300 MHz ,1.29 GHz and 128 MB of RAM . I am running SBC Yahoo DSL on it and it is running extremely slow and is taking forever to minimize, maximize and load pages. It is going slower than AOL and It doesnt make much sense since DSL is a lot faster connection. My thought is that I need more MB of RAM to make it go faster or it could be a possible virus or trojan. Please help.
  2. hiren

    hiren TS Rookie


    Keep deleting any temporary files & cookies which gets downloaded into ur system whenever u browse any site, as this will affect the speed.

    To delete it, Go to system tool->disk clean up->clean up all the drive of ur system.

    Install any antivirus with the latest updates, as there will always possibilities of viruse when u r connected with internet.

    I think this is solve ur problem to certain extent. And if still u face the problem then u can go ahead for getting some extra MB's of ram.

  3. olefarte

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    Sounds like something might be hogging your cpu, could be some kind of virus or trojan. Right click on the taskbar at the bottom and look in Task Manager, and see what, if anything is using you cpu excessively. If you see something something that you think shouldn't be there, try to stop it. If you can't, post back here, if you saw anything, and we can go from there with some more advice.

    Might be something else, but a good place to start. Let us know.

    Also, just thought I'd ask, do you have a virus scanner and firewall, and, have you ever used Ad-aware and Spybot?
  4. olefarte

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    Another thought, you might want to take a look at this, and this. Might be a big help toward solving your problem.
  5. milky

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    Do all of your programs run slow, or just your internet browser?

    You most definitely need more RAM. Windows XP tasks your cpu quite a bit. I would recommend upping it to at least 512MB.

    Also, run msconfig and look at your startup. Make sure your only running the programs you need at startup (you probably don't need anything running at startup. when you want to run a program, run it...there's no need for it to start as soon as the computer boots.).

    There is a good chance you have plenty of spyware/adware/virus/trojan on your computer as well. Download Spybot Search & Destroy, Ad-Aware SE Personal. They are both free. Install them, update them both, then reboot your computer in safe mode (keep pressing F8 when the computer first starts to power back up). Run Ad-Aware, then Spybot. Then reboot. If you have an excessive amount of corrupted files then there is a good chance you still have some more even after running both of these. If that is the case, download HijackThis and read this forum and this forum .

    good luck...don't forget to get more RAM! A measure I like to use: whatever your CPU speed is (xMHz), you should have at least half that in RAM (1/2xMB).
  6. tbrunt3

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    Ram would be a big help but before you shell out money for ram there a few things you can do to try to get the computer back to speed.. Follow the above instructions on top of delating all the temp files and doing a good defrag. Install and run this program A-Squared from here Update your antivirus and spyware program a few very good ones were talked about already.

    Than if you are still having a problem check on how to post a Hijack this log here then someone will check it out.If you choose to download and install HJT make sure it is placed in its own folder and DO not REMOVE anything untill someone tells you to . You can really mess up your computer if you do not know what your are doing!
  7. Yoxy99

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    Milky.. everything runs slow like if i hit the start button it will take 10-15 seconds just for the computer to realize i hit the start button and it takes forever to minimize a page. What is a good anti-trojan/virus scan ? thanks
  8. Samstoned

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    no matter what virus you got if you expect speed get more ram
    no less that 512
    running aol softw log to sbc eats a lot of your systems right along with XP
  9. tbrunt3

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    I posted a very good tj remover in my above post in case you did not see it here is the link..

    as for antivirus check here
  10. Yoxy99

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    I think I isolated the problem.. on the task manager there is a process "system idle process" is the name of it and its running the CPU usage to 100 % at times but when i try to end the process it will not terminate. Please help me to get rid of this process and will Hi Jack this get rid of it if i use it?
  11. tbrunt3

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    Hey bud

    Update your windows make sure you have all the updates...

    Install A-squared and run it with all windows closed

    Install Update and run a good spyware program as well as a antivirus

    Do you have a antivirus installed now?

    Then read how to post a hijackthis log here

    Your system idle process is usually 99 % but with out a cpu 100% load look on the bottom of task manger .This sounds like a spyware prblem or a virus plese post your log so we can see what you see...
  12. Yoxy99

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    To Tbrunt

    Ive installed and ran CWshredder and Ad-Aware and got as much spyware off with that, It has a mcafee virus scanner on it so i ll run that.. I ve installed hijack this but I ll post that on here so you guys can check it out .. thanks.
  13. Yoxy99

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    Thanks all

    Thank you all it was a spyware problem that is now thankfully taken care of thanks for the good advice!
  14. milky

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    1 more should switch to mozilla firefox for your internet browser
    only use Internet Explorer for Windows and Office updates.
  15. jadedvarian

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  16. sw123

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    Still, that kind of comp is way low on resources (I know, thread is outdated...)
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