Computer will not boot.

By FiberOptics
Mar 22, 2007
  1. Hello. Recently I turned off my computer for the night and when I woke up it would not start. When I start it up, it seems like it does not hit POST. I hear no beeps at all (and my system speaker is hooked up). Basically I tried several things to try and get it working, they include the following:

    -Took out the CMOS battery and reset the BIOS.
    -Removed all devices including: Harddrive, Opticaldrive, Network card, Video card, pretty much everything so that all power went to my processor.
    -Took my old 20 pin power supply from my old computer and hooked
    it up to my computer that is not working (my non working computer uses 24 pins), and again removed all devices.
    -Took out my processor and inspected for any signs of over heating, it looked fine.
    -Made sure all of my cables were connected correctly.

    There was probably a few more things I have done, but do not remember them... Also I tried running my computer for about 10 minutes and removed my processor to see if it was warm, it did not feel warm at all.

    I am wondering if it is the processor, or maybe the motherboard? Also when I start up my computer, while not even touching POST or having any beeps, the power light on the front lights up, the harddrive light STAYS red, even my temperature monitor on the front stays lit up and displays the temperature. Since my temperature monitor at the front stays lit up and displays, wouldn't that mean that the motherboard should be working?

    Thanks in advanced for any replies to this topic. If anyone needs any information, then I will give them additional information.
  2. kchris gayle

    kchris gayle TS Rookie Posts: 21


    just a quick question... did you set your pc to hibernate? or overused it...
    let it rest for just 24hours and make sure to check on the cable....

    peace out just email me if it still occurs
  3. FiberOptics

    FiberOptics TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I let it rest for 3 weeks now :p No it is not on hybernate.
  4. russ

    russ TS Rookie Posts: 39

    If you have a voltmeter you could try to see if one of the power supply wires that go to the motherboard is bad. These should be dc voltage wires and usually a black wire is the ground. Sometimes on the power supply it tells you what the voltages are on the different colored wires. If you find one that is not good or not registering, you may have to change the powersupply. I fixed my old computor by jumping a +5v wire that was no good with a good +5v. I used a metal paperclip shoved into the two wires where they are plugged into the motherboard connection. Worked like a charm for many years
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