Computer will not turn on

By debbiesg
May 2, 2007
  1. I have had some issues with my computer. Supposedly all is fixed says the tech I was using. Sadly this is not the case. He said my mobo was bad and it was still under warranty so got it replaced. He said my hard drive was bad and it was still under warranty so am getting it replaced. In the meantime I am using my back up slave drive now as my master drive. I try installing win2k on it but no go. After it says it is installed and reboots I just get a black screen with a blinking cursor. Tried that several times. Now when I turn on the computer I get a high pitched whining sound. This tech guy has taken up close to 6 weeks of time and as far as I can see with no resolution. So I have come here to see if anyone can give me any suggestions or directions to procede. Thanks.
  2. That's a weird one..I couldn't tell ya. I've never heard of that problem. It can't be a video issue since you do have a visual. Sounds like you'll have to wait it out until you get a new hard drive. :(
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