Computer with random shutdowns

By m101100
Apr 30, 2006
  1. Hi All,

    I would like to ask for some advice, i have been searching for any clues to what could be causing my system to shutdown.

    System Spec

    Asus K8N Skt 754 MB
    AMD Sempron 2800+ Cpu
    1 Gb Ram
    160Gb Seagate SATA
    80Gb Maxtor IDE
    Asus N6600GT AGP
    Generic 450W PSU (Now replaced with enermax 380W)
    Highest Temp i have seen in Bios for CPU is 38C 69/70 for Videocard via rivatuner before all these problems.

    At first i thought it was a power related problem as i know that the agp card etc sucks juice from the 12V, Went to shop asked if the enermax would be sufficent to run advised yes so bought it. Installed it and was still getting shutdowns, next stripped the system down to barebones and out of the case so this time it was the mobo, cpu&fan, 1 stick 512mb ram boots into the bios OK but still shuts down but takes a wee bit longer than before, added hdd will not boot into windows sometimes then shutdown, if i add any more devices then it will fail at power on or just after sometimes i will get a few min worth.

    I have borrowed my parents PC and tried the Video, ram and PSU in there P4 system and works fine even added my 2 drives to there 3 works fine no shutdowns.

    I have cleared the CMOS, Flashed the bios, reseated all items etc etc. I have narrowed it down to the CPU or MOBO i think but just thought i would ask for some assistance from you guys to see if i have missed anything out.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Eric Legge

    Eric Legge TS Rookie Posts: 132

    The RAM might be faulty or incompatible with that motherboard.

    I built a system with all of the correct components, but the motherboard didn't like the generic RAM, so only the fans worked.

    I changed it for Crucial RAM and the PC hasn't had a crash since I built it in April 2005.
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