Computer won`t boot after case swapping and back again.

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Oct 1, 2007
  1. I recently swapped my computer to a new case which didnt work so had to put it all back in the old one, now i labelled all the wires and connections so i knew where everything went. BUT when i switch the computer on it goes into the black screen that tells you what connected and weather evrything is in order and it is telling me that it cant boot up and that we need to put the system bootup disk in! what is this can anyone help?
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    Its doin one of two things. Not recognizing the OS, or you have the boot order wrong. Go into bios and make sure that the hard drive with your OS is set first in the boot order menu.
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    the black screen i said about its got information about the primary, slave, and master and they all say none the only one it seems to recognise is the floppy disk thats all that comes up, i take it the os is windows?

    if it is the operating system which is windows we r buggered coz we brought the comp second hand and dont have any of the discs
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    If the black screen shows the floppy but no hard drive or even the DVD/CD drive then you need to sort that out first.
    You have either
    1. not connected the power supply cables for the HDD or DVD/CD drives
    2. not connected the ribbon cable for the drives properly - if you have not changed the master/slave/cable select jumpers on the drive it may be a bad cable. Check also for pin damage on the motherboard.
    3. improbable long shot could be a bad PSU.
    Let us know what you find?
  5. wilson3467

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    ok will let you know might be a few hours as i am at work but thanx for your advice
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