Computer won`t boot, can`t access bios.

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Aug 26, 2006
  1. I just registered with TechSpot and have been asked to say Hi. Well, Hi! From the greatest province in Canada, Alberta.
    As I sit by my living room window I can see the sun starting to set over the Rocky Mountains in the West.
    Now the reason for this post:
    I have two computers, a home constructed desktop unit running Win XP SP2 and my new ACER 8200 Laptop which due to the convenience has become my new main computer which is why I am now talking to whosoever is listening. I tried to bootup my desktop today and could not get past the opening bios screen. When I hit delete at the start up to change my boot options nothing happens except the screen goes black. The computer drive light remains on as if it is accessing data but that's all. (It must feel regected).
    I have tried to boot from my Win XP disk but it won't recognize the drive or something likewise my emergency boot disk in drive 'A'.
    Right now it is a doorstop. Luckily all my data is on three other drives on my Desktop System so it won't matter if I have to reformat.
    That is the question, how do I reformat and reinstall my system if I can't get it to recognize my drives?

  2. Ok, i'm no expert, but/and especially if you are having a hardware problem; you should always post your system stats, if possible (RAM , motherboard, hard drive...etc..). That is, how much, and what manufacture, if possible. Also, just wondering, how old is this system, and does anyone else use it?
  3. captpixel

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    Hi, Thanks for responding.
    I built the system about four years ago. The Motherboard is a Gigabyte 7??? ( I can't access the system info) along with a AMD Athlon XP 1600+ CPU and 1.5 gig of ram. I have four hard drives, an 80 gig Seagate that holds my system (Windows XP Home Edition SP2)., two 120 gig Motorola's and a Western Digital 240 gig unit. There are two DVD drives, a Plextor and an LG. I have a 22" ACER Wide screen LCD monitor. I am the only user. It had been acting a bit funny over the last couple of weeks so I ran all of the current spyware programs, SpySweeper, Spyware Doctor, ZoneAlarm Security Suite, Norton AntiVirus etc.. Norton Utilities found a few registry error etc. but nothing eye opening.
    It starts to boot but hangs on the initial BIOS, Memory Check screen then just goes blank with the ACER monitor showing a 'No Signal' error message. The hard drive activity LED on the front of the case is on all the time.
    I have tried to boot from the System disk, the Norton recovery disk in 'A' drive but nothing happens.

  4. Tmagic650

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    Clear the motherboards CMOS. Be sure to unplug the computer's power cable from the computer, move the CMOS jumper to the "clear" position or remove the battery for a few minutes. Reposition the CMOS jumper and power up the system... If you can now get into the bios, check and see if your hard drive are being detected...

    Good luck
  5. captpixel

    captpixel TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I tried what seemed to be a great idea, unfortunately it didn't work, so I am back to square one.
    It seems to act like a BIOS problem.

  6. TheVirtualOne

    TheVirtualOne TS Rookie

    I always ask my customers these questions...I know... it seems obvious... but...

    Does the Power Supply smell like your toaster?... yes, please smell it. Y / N

    When you push the power button does the Power Supply fan turn on? Y / N

    When you push the power button does the CPU fan turn on? Y / N

    Tmagic650... good answer... but I'd like the captain to remove the CMOS Battery and reinstall it after 10 seconds or so. Be careful not to break the clip.

    Try to Power up the PC. then post a message to us.
  7. cfitzarl

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    He just said it didn't work. Although, when you put in a card or have a computer component requiring too much power the computer will not start up right. Maybe your power supply is dying. Try a new power supply in the computer and see if anything works.
  8. captpixel

    captpixel TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I did remove the cmos battery and left it off for about an hour but still have the same problem.

    I hope my BIOS isn't fried.

    Thanks for responding.

  9. TheVirtualOne

    TheVirtualOne TS Rookie

    Did you try another power supply yet?
  10. captpixel

    captpixel TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have a brand new Antec 500 watt unit that I installed about 8 months ago. If the power has gone belly-up then I would not have any power would I? After the monitor goes blank and I get the no signal message I can see that the Hard Drive indicator light is on constantly.
  11. TheVirtualOne

    TheVirtualOne TS Rookie

    Power Supply

    No. If the power supply is going bad any number of things can begin to malfunction.

    Its fan might stop working.
    The CPU fan may top working
    The case lights might stay on
    The drives on one chain may not work, but the others might be good.

    If you are 100% sure that your ps has not sustained any damage, try another one anyway. Just borrow one from another machine. If it boots, you fixed it without letting it fry your motherboard! Yea! If not you could always shell out for another mobo and see it your CPU burns out that one, It's your choice.

    The other thing to do is to buy a 20/24pin Power Supply Tester... they're cheap.
  12. captpixel

    captpixel TS Rookie Topic Starter

    OK sounds like a good idea, give me a few days to borrow one. It's crazy but we are preparing to move and I gave away all my spares and computer supplies including a power supply to the Good Will industries. But that's life eh?


  13. lekobelgium

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    I'm Leo (first access)
    if your PC does not boot ot bios problems, always try removing the round battery for at least five minutes, then reboot. In your case, i even presume you'll have to get a new battery (without a good one, nothing happens)
    I hope this works, if you don't have a seperate battery on your motherboard, then you will have to look up your bios specs and search for how to shortcircuit it in order to clean up the memory.

  14. tomrca

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    i have just formatted a pc for a friend that gave the same problem. yes removing often works , but in this particular case the start-up info on reboot was enough. all that was needed was to insert the windows disc and as it loaded i rapidly pressed, the drive key letter , which in this instance was 'D', it worked . got lift off!!
  15. Tedster

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