COmputer Wont Boot

By justincredibal
Feb 25, 2005
  1. I built a computer 7 months ago and now i am having problems. My computer wont boot, but whn i turn it on the light in the front comes on and no video comes. I Unplugged all my nics and video card and everything, and made sure they were snug. Any ideas would help.

    PS> When i got the comp i had to buy a new power suppluy so i dont think it is that
  2. justincredibal

    justincredibal TS Rookie Topic Starter

    geees i wish someone could help this poor guy! :grinthumb
  3. gasstronamicle

    gasstronamicle TS Rookie Posts: 44

    all i can think of saying (typing) with out coming to you house and diagnosing the problem would be clear the cmos memory, make sure ntohging is overclocked. if u installed any new hardware take it out adn see if the computer boots
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