Computer won't Boot

By aman501
Oct 22, 2006
  1. My Siblings computer will not boot. She has Windows XP service pack 2. Her computer had been running fine until one day when she turned it on, it got to the Screen where windows loads and then it went black and an error message appeared.

    Winlogon.exe - unable to locate component
    This application failed to start because SHWAPI.dll was not found. Re-Installing the application may fix this problem.

    This error message is then repeated except instead of winlogon.exe it says lsass.exe and then services.exe

    We used the Compaq system recovery and it said that SHLWAPI.dll and URLMON.dll couldn't be opened...

    Is there anyway to fix this without uninstalling windows XP? and if not how should I go about uninstalling it and reinstalling it?

    Input would be greatly appreciated!
  2. redmistpete

    redmistpete TS Rookie Posts: 38

    There might be a way of copying only the required file from the recovery disc but I can't be of further help I`m afraid.
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