Computer won't boot

By stahltkd
Jun 12, 2007
  1. Hello all,

    I am in quite a situation. Recently my laptop has been just "turning off" - screen would go black and it would reboot itself for no apparent reason. Today, it gave me an error... something about an NTO*(something or another) file can't be found in order to boot. With any power source connected to the laptop it turns itself on but will not do anything but "turn it's wheels"

    Help please!!! :)

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  3. toy777room

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    what you need to do is run repare on the os. boot off the xp disk and then press enter then F8 to agrere to the MS stuff then you should see a opson to press R to run repare. if the opson is not there then you could have problems with you NTFS wich you will have to boot off the xp disk and press R for recovery consled then do CHKDSK /r . if you still have problems email me
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