Computer won't display on monitor.

By Vassal24352 ยท 5 replies
Aug 13, 2003
  1. Ok, yesterday i turned off my internet computer, and when i went to go turn it back on. When i turn it on, it will power up (fans blowing). However the monitor will not display anything. Well, I looked in the case and i notice how the video card wasn't in the slot all the way. So i took it out and reset it in the slot. I go to boot up the computer, and still no image.:mad: The computer has onboard video, i'd change it but I can't see the bios to change it.:mad: Does anyone know what is going on. If so thanks in advance.
  2. DaveSylvia

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    Well, you could try plugging the monitor into the on-board video output instead of the other video card you have. The BIOS may have set itself differently when the video card was not inserted properly. Give that a shot and see if that helps.
  3. Nodsu

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    If there is no setting to choose the onboard video in BIOS, then it may be automatically set when the other video card is not inserted.
  4. Vassal24352

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    I tried both of your ideas, but no prevail. When ever i turn it on, still a blank screen. I was talking to vassil3427 this morning, he said to reset the bios, so i tried that, and still no luck. Could it be a virus maybe?

    If it helps any, it's a HP Pavillion 7935.
  5. iss

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    have you tried connecting the monitor to another machine to make sure that the monitor isnt the problem?
  6. Vassal24352

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    Yeah i've tried the monitor on my computer, so it's not the monitor. Basically i've narrowed it down to the motherboard. Because all of the components work fine in my motherboard.
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