Computer wont power up?

By edicer2
Mar 18, 2007
  1. Hi me and a freind just built a computer. Its a Abit KN8 SLI with a stick of 256mb an AMD 64 bit 4000+ socket 939. we got the whole computer built and read to get ready. As soon as we pluged it in the on off switch on the back of the PSU was set to ON and there was a large blueish spark. Then after this we found out that the power supply failed. We got a new power supply and there are a few lights on the motherboard. There are 3 red lights by the 2 pci express card slots and 1 over by where you plug in the power and reset switch. When the 3 lights by the video cards are that means that there is a problem with the video cards but for right there only one is on and it is green. The 1 lone light over by where you plug in the power switches is red. I have no idea what this light means or indicates but i have everything pluged in right i have checked 10 times and also rebuilt it. The problem is when i push the power button the computer does absolutly nothing at all. What are the chances that the motherboard or the CPU is fried?
  2. robin_bga

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    You might have lost it in the spark, anyway for now get another video card and try it.
  3. Tedster

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    probably pretty good the mobo is dead.

    to robin: It is foolish to post your email address in a public forum unless you like spam caused by spambot programs that harvest email addresses.
  4. edicer2

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    ok we shiped the motherboard back and a new one is coming same with the powersupply but what are the chances the CPU is wrecked too?
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