Computer won't recognize Axim X51V after first sync

By Kay
Feb 5, 2006
  1. A most perplexing problems, Dell has been of no help. New Axim X51V syncs fine on first attempt, but cannot sync after computer has been turned off. Have to uninstalled sync program and reinstall to sync computer with Axim. Have tried disabling firewall, no difference. This Axim is running Mobile 5.0, and the Sync program is ActiveSync 4.1 Everything is configuered correctly according to Dell and Microsoft. Computer is Dell Inspiron 8500, Running Windows Xp that I am using to sync with... Some conditions:
    After first sync, Axim shows up on device manager
    Am using USB to connect
    When checking my "safely remove hardware icon, nothing show up here.
    On second attempt to sync, computer doesn't find Axim, I get a balloon that says" Wireless connection is now connected" (that's weird)

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated!
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