Computer won't start (urgent plz)

By Inaudible Chaos
Nov 1, 2006
  1. Hi,

    I just finished building my new pc this afternoon. After putting it all together I go to start it and...nothing. All the right LEDs on the motherboard are lit, but it just won't start. Whenever I press the power button the onboard LEDs flicker off for like half a second and the CPU fan twitches, but that's all. I've tried starting with only the CPU, RAM, and VGA card attached nothing. I've tried with alterbate RAM and VGA abd still nothing.

    I'm using an AMD Athlon X2 3800+
    Abit KN9-SLI
    nVidia 7600GT
    160GB Seagate HDD connected via IDE
    1GB DDR2 single stick.

    I know this motherboard is specialised for dual channel RAM and SLI, but having only 1 RAM stick and one VGA card would not prevent the computer from starting. I've checked and rechecked all the connections, but they're all fine. I can only suspect that it must be the PSU or CPU, but I'm hoping it's something I can simply fix myself, I have no wish to drive all the way back to the store for a third time (second one was after realising the old PSU didn't have 4-pin power plug for CPU).

    If anyone has any idea a quick response would be most appreciated.

  2. wilson1

    wilson1 TS Rookie

    I have a very similar problem, its my first time building a pc from scratch and im proud i got as far as i did because the manuals are useless.... i managed to get it to power up, the fans started, the heatsink fan started etc. (but there werent any beeps) and after a second or so it all powers down again. Could it be a fried motherboard?
  3. Gars

    Gars TS Booster Posts: 232

    just possibility - try to swap the power LED pins
    or remove all LEDs and put only the power

    can u give some specs of the hardware
    its sounds like a lack of power or cooling issue
  4. wilson1

    wilson1 TS Rookie


    Intel Pentium D 820 Socket775 , Smithfield Core, 2x2.8 GHz , 2MB Cache

    Asrock 775I945GZ, i945GZ, S775, PCI-E (x16), DDR2 533, SATA II, uATX, On Board VGA (motherboard)

    1Gb (2X512Mb) Corsair Value Select, DDR2 PC5300 (667), 240 Pin, Non-ECC Unbuffered, CAS 5-5-5-15

    350w Silverpower SP-350P1B thermal controlled cooling fans

    256MB Gigabyte 7600GS PCI-E(x16), Mem 800MHz, GPU 450MHz, 12Pipes, D-Sub/DVI-I/HDTV SLi Silent-Pipe (dedicated graphics card)

    And i have a large and a small fan that come with the case, the smaller one isnt plugged because its attached to the side pannel which i have removed in order to build my system.
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